Success comes in many different forums for everyone.  We are all great at something.  The wonderful part about success is it happens when you least expect it, and from the last place you expect it to come from.  My success came from plenty of failures, which I often reflect on as opportunities.  Failure has nothing to do with not being good enough; it has to do with embracing what you are good at.

My unexpected success is poured into teaching and writing.  Creative writing and teaching has always been apart of my life.  Even as a small child, I can remember writing short stories, and reading the stories aloud to my dolls.  I would often record my voice to ensure I was properly understood, and to take notes on how to improve my delivery methods.

My career started with the military, where I was selected to work in the human resources field.  My supervisors noticed my abilities to teach other military personnel how to understand policy and procedures that were otherwise difficult to understand.

Researching, understanding and writing policies and procedures have been in my “blood” since I realized that I had a niche for helping others.  I had a full understand of how to show others how to embrace their strengthens, and learn from their weaknesses.  Pushing others through their weaknesses and showing them how to grow to their highest potential is a gift.

I have written on a number of topics including, but not limited to human resources, business, self-improvement and the federal government.  I have used all of the practices I lecture and speak on with using positive affirmations and confidence builders to grow and develop others in their field of choice.

A personal note of thanks to you: Thank you, for taking time to embrace my life, you are appreciated.   I hope you enjoy each & every word I write, because I do it for you to become a better you.