Poem: All Things

Love is everything, love never fails
Love will always prevail
True love never dies, it only multiplies
Love is the one thing that takes no account
No matter how much you fret and pout
Love is the strength of anything good
Love has the ability to destroy all the bad, and see only good
With love, one must gain clarity
It is only love that gives no account to animosity
With love, you know and have all things
It is with deep, true, unconditional love that one has all things

Excerpt from: Our Love is Equal

By: Jenice Armstead

Press Release: Pep Talks Answering the Hard Questions

Pep Talks: Answering the Hard Questions

Pep Talks: Answering the Hard Questions

The final book of Jenice Armstead’s first business series is finally here. Pep Talks: Answering the Hard Questions is the final book of a 5 part book interactive business series. This final book of the series addresses the “Hard Questions” interviewees may be asked during an interview.

The Pep Talks book series clarifies difficult interview questions as the reader focuses on their goals. This business series gets the reader moving in the right direction, and saves the reader time and efforts, with helping the reader narrow down what areas they may need assistance with the most. The series addresses all types of difficult interview questions that may be asked of the reader during an interview or during a conversation being had by an interviewer.

The Pep Talks book series are designed to assist the reader in planning, executing, and managing career goals and potential growth in the field of choice. Each section has interactive “fill in the blank” area for guiding the reader with critical thinking examples to assist with brainstorming and “Confidence Boosting Affirmations” providing the reader with constant motivation for obtaining the “dream career.”

The Pep Talks Book Series can serve the newly looking or the long-term job seeker with methods that will assist with the career search and provide motivation for future endeavors.

For information go to Pep Talks Book Series

Monday Morning Mindset

An attitude of gratitude is more important to your physical health than you may realize. During this time of year, it is important to show gratitude for what, who and all of the blessings that you have. Gratefulness is contagious, show gratitude and you will be given more. How can you expect anything good to happen if you don’t have gratitude for what you have currently? You can always find something to be grateful for. No matter your situation, you can always be grateful. Make a “Grateful List” and keep it to remind yourself of all that you are grateful for. Here are a list of items I am grateful for each and every day, with this list you can add to it or change it to suit your personal goals in life or things that are most important to you.

My Grateful List
I am grateful for the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
I am grateful for a new day and new beginnings
I am grateful for forgiveness and peace
I am grateful for my good health
I am grateful for my sound mind, body and soul
I am grateful for my beautiful spirit
I am grateful for the beautiful spirits I will meet today
I am grateful for love, peace and joy
I am grateful for my success
I am grateful for my ability to motivate and inspire others
I am grateful for the ability to see, hear, smell and speak

Decide what you want from life, believe you can achieve it, and focus. Believe that you can have it, and know that you deserve it. Close your eyes several times a day and focus on having it. Visualize having it and feel grateful for having it right now. When you take the time to believe, receiving and achieving you will start to be more optimistic about your life.

All the Best,

Monday Morning Mindset

In an economy where you must “find a way or make a way,” it is important to understand your professional value. We all bring different attributes to “the table” when it comes to our field of choice, what we are good at and what we love to do. What are you good at? Take some time to find out. It is important to spend some quality time finding out what you are good at and what you are not so good at. One of the best ways to do this is to simply try.

That simple word, “Try!” Has been used many times in the negative condensation that it is perceived as a “bad word.” How may times have you heard someone or yourself saying “At least I tried!?” That gives the impression that it was all you could do. It is saying of defeat, when that is not the case at all. Succeeding isn’t in the “trying” it is in the “doing.” It is in the “doing” that you find out what you are good at.

Doing is how you find out if you have a natural gift for something, or if you need to practice. People that are good at what they do, either have a gift or have to practice. Either way, it is in the doing that they are truly successful. The key to success is in failing and then finding yourself. Failure is not a bad thing, it allows for you to see how you can improve yourself. Step out and find out, it is time to do more than try. It is time to do!

All the Best,


Poem: FREE by Jenice Armstead

Imagine how happy and free I could be if I took me a little less seriously

If I looked at my failures with shrug and smile

And remember all of my successes with pleasure and pride

If I realized that I was great instead of analyzing all of my mistakes

Then sat with my collected thoughts to give a reasonable intake

Imagine how happy and free I could be, if I did everything in my power to just enjoy be me

Being is me is what I know and have come to understand

It is with great measure that I make that immediate demand

Imagine how happy and free I could be if I did everything in my power to be the best me

Success comes and success goes

What you are left with, nobody knows

It is vital that we understand that we are who we are for a reason

Reasons come with many seasons

But, how happy and free we all would be if we were just happy being free

Then, I imagine how happy and free I would be if I did everything in my soul to be the me I

was meant to be

I dedicate my poem, to the memory of Nelson Mandela

Published in April 2012, in “A Natural Hair Journey” Stories and Memories of a Curly Girl” by Jenice Armstead

Monday Morning Mindset

Be careful not to complain in your thinking, doing and being. Complaining is a form of being stagnate in yourself. When you complain about something or someone, you are giving into the “lower” part of yourself. Instead of complaining about a situation or person, take some a moment to reflect on the good things about the situation or person. For example, if you are at a job that doesn’t pay enough you can take a few moments to write down all the things you are grateful about within the job. Such as, the knowing you have enough to eat and provide. If you have a complaint about your spouse not doing enough to help around the house you could make a list about all the wonderful qualities that made you fall in love with your spouse in the beginning of your relationship.

You may find that by taking a few moments to reflect on the situation or person that you are the one that causing the “friction.” It could be as simple as changing your attitude in the moment you are complaining. Your attitude has more to do with how you feel and react to a situation or person than you may think. With the “thankful lists” that you make, keep it handing when you start to complain. Sit down and read the list aloud. Take a moment; reflect on the situation and how you can make it better with some “self-realizations.” In all things, “give thanks” because there is always something good you can be thankful for in any and all situations.

All the Best,


Two-Cent Tuesday

Employment may by be difficult to find, especially if you are a veteran of the military forces. The website Vet Jobs, assists veterans to decipher between private-sector jobs and public-sector jobs. This website allows veterans to determine the type of positions that they want to apply for and go directly to the website and apply for the positions. Understanding the different types of jobs veterans are eligible to apply for can be a little difficult to understand.

The key for applying to positions as a veteran is to look at the eligibility and qualifications section. This section of the job announcement gives more clarification to section ability. Make sure to always look at the eligibility and qualification factors when applying to any job announcement. Happy job hunting.

For more information: Vet Jobs


Monday Morning Mindset

You Can – Poem by Jenice Armstead

You can
You absolutely can
You can because you believe that you can
You can because you remind yourself that you can
You are
You are because you say that you are
You are because you have no other choice but to be who you are
You will
You will because you have the ability to do so
You will because your spirit guides you
You know
You know because you have the wisdom of the world
You know because you have been there before
You know because you have told yourself that you know
You do
You do because you are able to
You do because you can
With the ability to do
And the wisdom to know
You can

Jenice R. Armstead
Copyright © 2013 By Jenice Renee Armstead