Monday Morning Mindset

Do It In Fear

Fear is false evidence appearing real. Many times we don’t realize the blessing “fear” provides us. Fear can give you the ability to do anything & everything regardless of how you may feel about the situation or environment. What do you mean? You ask. The ability not to move forward is remaining in the negative thought of failing and falling on your face. Fear is an active reminder of the weakness part of you, this is a good thing. In this, you may find the worst part of yourself and recognize how to “strengthen” that part of yourself. I have come to realize that fear is one of my biggest strengths. Fear has given me the ability to push harder, go further and strive more than I ever would have if I didn’t “feel” fear in my life. Fear provides something that allows for the human spirit to feel, the ability to be more and achieve greatness. Fear is nothing more than your “strongest” attribute, pushing your “weakest” attribute to grow to a higher awareness of self. There are many times when I feel fear, the key is to recognize the feeling and know that you can “push” past it. Fear is something that resonates to your body, you can feel it and at times see it. At that moment, you can choose “strong thoughts” and learn to encourage yourself. You can teach yourself to embrace the weakness, and have the strongest part of yourself uplift it and focus on the feelings of great accomplishment. All you have to do, is trust and believe then “do it in fear” know that no matter the outcome – it is the best for you in that moment.

Inspired by Joyce Meyer “Do It In Fear” teachings

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