Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

Port Call: Feb 7 – 8 2014 – Half Moon Cay

Our last and final port call was at Half Moon Cay.  Where is Half Moon Cay?  You ask … well, it is in the middle of beautiful no where!  I have never heard of Half Moon Cay before the cruise, and now I can’t wait to go back.  The island was so remote that all Olivia Traveling Ladies had to be boated to and from the ship.  Talk about paradise.  Half Moon Cay was saved for last for a reason.  The water was crystal clear, the sand was as smooth as silk and the air smelled of peaches and mangos on a hot summer day.  It was and absolute little slice of heaven with a helping of “I wish I could stay here forever!”  In fact, that is what the sign said as we walked up to the board walk.  Even though I am sure every Olivia Lady took a picture under that sign, we just had to get a photo as well.

As we walked up to the beach, I recall throwing my stuff down and making a b-line for the water, head first.  It was a bit chilly, but once I got use to it the water felt like “Life” all around me.  At one point a school of tropical fish swam right through my legs.  At first I figured it was seaweed, then when I looked to brush what I thought was seaweed off of my leg, I saw several eyes looking up at me.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen before.  The coral reef was vibrant and the ocean floor was smooth.  Olivia Travel provided a BBQ lunch for all of us to enjoy together on the boardwalk.  There, I saw several huge roosters with their babies.  I tried to get a picture, but they were too fast for me to keep up with. The next day, was the trip back home.  This cruise with all of the memories, photos and new friends made Olivia Travel delivered all that was promised our Honeymoon Cruise would be, and so much more.  Thank you Olivia Travel, we look forward to our next travels together.

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Half Moon CayHalf Moon Cay

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