Forgiveness Friday – Choosing to Come Up Higher

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “choosing to come up higher.” Life events require us to adjust our eyes to the levels of deficiency within a difficult situation. The levels of deficiency provide us the ability to choose to come up higher, and make a different choice. When you choose to come up higher, you’re choosing to connect with the essence of your true self. Your true self speaks to the stillness of clarity that comes with then. It is in the stillness where we find our true faith, empowerment and beliefs. Choose to come up higher and allow the grace of goodness to submerge your life with abundance. When choosing to come up higher, you must make a choice to understand that fear is a wasted emotion unless you choose to learn to grow from it. Forgive yourself and choose to come up higher. Allow yourself to be empowered to think for yourself and choose to connect with the essence of your trueness.

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