Forgiveness Friday – Feeling Anger

This week focuses on forgiveness of feeling angry. Anger is something that we as humans all encounter at one time or another in our lives. The cliché phrase says, “anger is one letter away from danger.” We can we can control our anger if we begin to recognize the source of the anger. Anger arises as a direct result of not dealing with something head-on. Feeling angry is not the issue; rather the issue comes from acting on our anger. When you begin to feel feelings of anger, take a moment to think about why the feelings of anger have come into your mind. Take minute for going deeper to find the source. Take 60 seconds and ask yourself three questions. Why am I angry? Is this anger the result of an action from another? Have I had any participation and the results of their actions? Try to find the core of your angry feelings. You will begin to realize how to allow for those angry feelings to subside or calm down. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with feeling anger, the question is what you do as a result of your feelings of being angry.

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