Forgiveness Friday: Going Deeper

Forgiveness is something that has been given to us freely by the Higher Source. Through forgiveness we are able to freely receive the ability to be our true selves. When we begin to understand the power of forgiveness, we are able to ultimately receive from the Higher Source, all which is possible in this life experience. When you have the ability to forgive, you have the ability to receive. Within our humanistic self, forgiveness seems to be difficult and unfair at times. The humanistic experience expresses that forgiveness as something which is hard, but in the spiritual realm forgiveness is something that is ultimately easy. It is important to take a “pause” within our daily and busy lives to identify “triggers” where un-forgiveness may hide. Within our spirits are able to identify where forgiveness may sometimes be held hostage within our bodies.  Allowing un-forgiveness to dwell in ones body, causes the body to deteriorate faster than it would if truth and unconditional love dwelled in the body.  This Forgiveness Friday focuses on the ability to “go deeper” within oneself and find “pieces” of un-forgiveness within oneself.  Begin to release them in order to receive a more prosperous life experience, by choosing to forgive, one is choosing to receive.  Do yourself a favor, and forgive.

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