How to Get Updates on Your Application after Applying for a Government Job

Once you have submitted your government application on there are specific ways to keep up with your application status. Many applicants don’t realize the tools they can utilize on There are a few ways to get the status of your government application and you should check the status at least weekly.

After you have submitted your government application wait until the job announcement closes to check the status of your application. Log into your profile and click on the title “Application Status” on the left hand side. Then find the announcement you wish to check on. Go to the “application status” which is a blue underlined word and click this hyperlink. Some government agencies don’t link the application status to this hyperlink and some agencies do. If the agency does use this hyperlink, you will be redirected to the agency website where you submitted your original application. You will be able to view the status of your application here.

If the agency does not use this hyperlink, it will say “no application status available” this is okay. Don’t be discouraged. Click on the job announcement title and a second window will open up. Scroll down to the bottom of the job announcement and find the point of contact. You will see contact phone number or an email address. Contact this person and request the “Applicant Status.” Sometimes, you may get a HR Specialist whom doesn’t want to talk or gives you a vague answer.

If this happens, ask a more specific question like “Has the selecting official received the list of applicant’s resumes that have been referred and qualified for the position?” This will ensure you get a more detailed answer. I recommend always contacting the point of contact via email; this will ensure you have written documentation in case you have any issues with this job announcement in the future.


All the best to you, and if you have any questions – you know where to find me.

Dr. Jaye

Dr Jaye

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