Monday Morning Mindset

When was the last time you reflected on how good your life was? When was the last time you were grateful for what you have, how far you come or where you see yourself being in a particular time period. It is time to renew your mind and realize that you have a choice on how you will react to “this moment” in time. Will you “bless” it or, will you “curse” it. Complaints and negative thoughts can have an adverse reaction to a situation, while on the other hand, embracing a situation and trying to find the “message in the mess” will allow for you to grow your character and experiences.

Take some time to write down your thoughts on a situation that may be irritating to you. What is the situation? What are the components? What are the pros and cons of the situation? How can you utilize self-control in the situation? Are you a direct component of a resolution? Then, sit with this information and release “good thoughts” with resolving it even if you don’t believe it to be true. When the situation comes up, reflect back on your notes and remember that you can only control what YOU do in any given situation. You have more control over the situation than you may think you do.


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