Monday Morning Mindset

Thoughts become things, if you don’t believe this just look outside your front or back door. That building across the street, the car you drive, the bus you ride or the clothes and shoes you wear were all once someone’s idea. Thoughts are all ideas of the mind, which have the ability to become “things.” It has been said that the average human being has up to 5,000 single thoughts each and everyday. Keeping in mind that 5,000 of those thoughts become up to 500 ideas and of those 500 ideas only 20 – 50 have the tendency to become actual things with using provoked action. Those 20 – 50 things could be up to 1 or 2 published, created, invented or researched physical or tangible objects. Thoughts are important for various reasons.

A thought is the creative and intuitive way for your brain to understand the environment for which it is viewing. There are various ways for the brain to view one single event, item or person. There are truly hundreds of thousands of ways for something to be viewed, interpreted or communicated. The whole idea of a thought is to provoke action. It is mindful to have “Think Sessions” with yourself. “Think Sessions” are a great way to build thought control. Since your thoughts have the ability to become things, it is wise to remember that those “things” may or may not be in favor of what you want to create in your life. Choose your thoughts wisely, or they will choose you.

Thoughts Become Things

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