Monday Morning Mindset – Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day is more than a holiday celebrated for shopping sales, free meals and discounts.  Veterans Day is the day for all of us to honor those who have served both voluntarily and involuntarily for all to enjoy the freedoms of civil rights, equal rights and rights to come.  Veterans are the backbone of this country, being a veteran of the United States Navy is my honor.  I am honored to have served these United States of America.

Being a veteran has allowed many benefits that I other wise would not enjoy.  The military provided an education that my parents couldn’t afford to give me.  I earned my Associates in Science from Vincennes University, Associates in Art, Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Science, Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources from Saint Leo University and currently earning my Doctorates in Business Administration.  All this education has been provided by the opportunities of being a veteran of the military.

What most people who know about all my educational path don’t know the challenges that took place while earning my education.  The many nights I was on “watch” while cramming for an English exam.  Military deployments to South Korea; Mombasa, Kenya; Rhoda, Spain; and Iraq where I was sleep derived and living off of Ready Made Meals (MREs) while scheduling exam retake dates to graduate on time.  The training operations in Camp Pendleton for mortar missile training while staying up until the early hours of the morning to ensure I had my math test submitted on time.

Today, as you see people in your coming and goings remember the ones who have given their lives for the rights you freely enjoy.  Don’t merely “thank a veteran” “appreciate a veteran.”  Appreciation is worth more than any thank you could ever say.

All the Best,

Yeoman Second Class (Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist) Armstead aka Jenice

Great Lakes, ILL.  aka  Great Mistakes

Jenice Armstead Boot Camp Photo


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