Less Doing & More Being

Today we reflect on the actions of misunderstandings and are in need of more healing and forgiveness. Misunderstandings are the direct result of a lack of ability to properly communicate the human need for connection. The human connection is more vital in our current times than ever before. Now, we need to express ourselves in a way that will affirm our future. Our youth need guidance and to be affirmed about their ability to be successful. There needs to be a conversation about equality, rights, and the comprehension of fairness. Now is a pivotal moment in history to outline a path engraved with wisdom and forgiveness. All of these attributes will provide structure for personal awareness and leadership. The key notion to take from the actions of the past is to realize that it is important to be more in the most volatile moments of our experiences. It is time to come up higher, be more, react less, and extend understanding for deeper connections to that, which is broken.

All the Best,


Monday Morning Mindset

Poem:  Food for Thought

Mind is a powerful thing to waste
Why waste when you can use every drop for profit
Profit which can assist with growth and development
Development of body and soul
Soulness of knowledge and aspirations
Aspiring to grow and become one with your reality
Reality of life
Life of knowledge
Knowledge of growth
Growth of one

By: Jenice