Olivia Cruise: At Sea: Feb 2 2014 – Feedback and Review

Olivia Cruise:  Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

The excitement and fun continued through the night and on until day 2 of our equality and leadership cruise.  The theme for day 2 was: Show Your Roots.  We all wore shirts or outfits that displayed where we were from.  I wore a “California” shirt and my wife wore a “Louisville University” shirt.  The theme was an “opportunity to represent your hometown, to get to know other Olivia ladies in your community.”  This themed day allowed for many interesting conversations to be had.  The highlights of the day included:

Activism in Action:  The Importance of Creating Your own Future Through Political Participation.  This was an extraordinary summit that allowed for an open dialogue with a panel of “heavy hitters” such as Representative Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the Democratic National Committee Chair; Aditi Hardikar, Director of the LGBT Leadership Council at the Democratic National Committee; and Claire Lucas, Senior Advisor for Public-Private Partnerships, USAID.  The discussion was enlightening and invigorating.

The entertainment of the evening was the hilarious Vicki Shaw.  Vicki Shaw is not only super funny, but also super down to earth.  I had the opportunity to meet her while in the elevator going to dinner that night.  Then while at dinner, we sat right next to Meredith Baxter, the mom from Family Ties and her wife.  Both of these beautiful women of the LGBT community graced me with a photo, can you say amazing!.  The music group, Antigone Rising preformed in the on ship’s night club, Crow’s Nest.  Antigone Rising was outstanding and amazing to listen to.  There were events for “solos” and a “Sisters at Sea” mixer.  Not to mention, all of the other hour-by-hour events.  There was always something to do, people to meet and excellent food to eat.


Olivia Travel is all about exclusivity, which being said you are paying for customized entertainment, a charted ship or entire resort full of women and the ability to “Feel Free.”  But, there are some items that you may want to bring with you.  During our travels with Olivia, we knew that we would want to bring many items that we normally used on a daily basis.  Olivia Travel provides a list of other items you may want to bring with you and I highly recommend you bring the following items with you:  Air Born (Supplement Drink) packages, anti-bacterial gel, cold medicine, headache Meds, a case of water or water filter bottles, Lysol wipes/spray and/or allergy medication.

The Olivia Staff Feedback: The staff was great and informative.  Many times if I “Looked” lost they would help or assist my wife and I with finding and figuring out where things were or where we were going.  We met many of the staff members and ALL of the staff were beautiful and sweeties to my wife and I.  Love the “Artist” staff and had a blast when staff members invited me to “dance” in the front of the stage before many shows.  One staff member, a beautiful black woman with short hair put my wife and I in FRONT row seats for one of the shows.

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Jenice Armstead with Vicki Shaw, Comic

Jenice Armstead with Vicki Shaw, Comic

Meredith Baxter

Jenice Armstead with Meredith Baxter, Actress

Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

Olivia Travel is one of the most exquisite cruises you may ever go on, if you are an open and proud lesbian that is. For those of you that have never heard of Olivia Travel, this is where lesbians go to vacation for all exclusive reasons. Olivia is where lesbians can just be a lesbians with no strings attached (No punt intended). The Olivia Travel charters a ship or entire resort to cater to ALL lesbian women. When I realized this my head nearly popped right off of my shoulders!

My wife and I recently got married and wanted to do something really special to celebrate our new life together. We had been putting off an Olivia Travel cruise for sometime, and wanted to make sure that we were able to enjoy ourselves entirely, financially speaking. When some of our lesbian friends heard we were going on an Olivia Travel cruise we got some “hairy eyeballs” and the “Look of disgust.” To be frank, Olivia Travel Cruises and Resorts are not cheap. In fact, they are double if not triple the cost of your average cruise. But, that is just the point. Olivia Travel is NOT your average cruise you would normally book. There is good reason for the extensive cost.

With an Olivia Travel cruise or resort you are quite literally paying for exclusivity and the able to “Feel Free” as the Olivia Travel phrase states on all of their “first time” travelers pink bracelets. The entertainment is lesbian derived and all port calls are gay-friendly. No need to “fake the funk” with this crowd. Just to be clear, I do NOT work for Olivia Travel nor any affiliated companies. These are merely my opinions from my experiences of my Olivia Travel Cruise. That being said, I figured why not write a short blog about my experiences. Then I thought, one blog wouldn’t be enough. To really get the full effect of the experiences I would have to blog about each and everyday of the cruise.

So, on behalf of all of the women that have never experienced an Olivia Travel trip, I will do a “Day by Day” feedback and review of my experiences on the last Olivia Travel cruise: Feb 1 – 8, Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise. I hope you enjoy my feedback and reviews. Stay tuned for Day 1: Feb 1 Feedback and Review.

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All the Best,
Jenice Armstead

Olivia Travel

Olivia Travel