Saint Leo University, Leaders in Industry Presents: New Year, New Career Webinar with Dr. Jenice Armstead

Thank you to Laura Cheek, Associate Director of Career Services for Saint Leo University for inviting me to be the January 2020 “Leaders in Industry” speaker for Saint Leo University Career Services Department. The webinar featured vital information on “Tips and Tricks” to prepare for job interviews. I am honored to give back to my alma mater “Lion Pride.”

Interview “Pep Talk” Featuring: Dr. Jenice Armstead, ’06 ’09

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Motivating & Understanding the “Online Student”

Message from Prof. Jenice Armstead

In my professional opinion, lecturing is a compilation of instructing students to understand a topic or concept and the ability to properly explain a topic with ease to students whom are less familiar with the topic. It takes practice to find what “type” of lecturing which is right for the students to receive the most out of the course. Lectures seem to have been given a “bum rap” because of the student’s perception of what a lecture is. When in fact, all topics have the potential of being exciting for all student-learning experiences. Traditional lecturing has strengths and weakness, which is one of the reasons I am always looking for ways to improve my course interaction and lecturing techniques for my students.

Motivating my students is one of the most important aspects of teaching. Positive learning environments stimulate academic growth of a student. Obtaining new online learning technologies is a way for improving lecturing techniques and developing a well-rounded academic environment for my students. As a professor, I utilized the “Learning Studio” for course interaction, discussion, electronic handouts, academic journals, class chats and assignment submissions. Learning online takes patience, dedication, motivation and constant communication. Without these key elements the success of a student is next to impossible. Professors and instructors have to be engaged and ensure that the lectures are interactive as well as informative. Implementing “interactive” learning methods and other new technology advances provide students with high opportunities for success in all courses.

After implementing the “Learning Studio” for all of my courses, my students are much more involved with the topics and are not afraid to ask questions or give an opinion during class. That was a part of my goal for implementing “interactive” lecture methods. I wanted my students to feel a sense of community and comfort with the topics being discussed. It has showed to be very effective in that student participation and communication has increased tremendously. When stimulating my students I use “blended” teaching methods. My students are heavily involved with the lectures. I make sure to have interactive questions for them to engage in the “Learning Studio.” I also make sure to have power point slides and direct “Live” Internet links to stimulate discussion among my students. The Socratic Methods are useful when teaching human resources and business management. The “Asking Instead of Telling” works especially when I want to have the class discussion on job structures and business ethics.

The four dimensions/factors for successful lecturing are: Attention (A), Relevance (R), Confidence (C), and Satisfaction (S) are attributed to learning comprehension (Guven, 2009). The attention span of a student is directly effective how the student learns. Is the student not attentive in your class? Why not? The lecture may need more “Pizzazz.” The way to give some life to a lecture is to involve you students more with their interests of the topic, or implement more of your real life professional experience into it. This is where the online relevance comes into place. How relevant is the topic to current events? Is there a way to implement current events into the topic? There is always something going on in the news or related to the Saint Leo Core Values one could use to increase the relevance of the topic. While building up the knowledge base of the student, the confidence of the student will increase. Which will increase student satisfaction of the learning experience overall (Guven, 2009). The success of the student in an online program strongly depends on the interaction, creativeness and motivation of the student as does it for the professor/instructor.


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Prof. Jenice Armstead

Prof. Jenice Armstead

Learning and Developing Your Trade

Always continuously grow and develop your trade. Being a Professor at Saint Leo University, technology is used as a learning tool in the traditional and non-traditional classrooms. Using software such as Prezi, Blackboard Collaborate and Video Teleconferencing are the entire craze in the post secondary education sector. Using updated software is not only an excellent way to get students interested topics, but it allows for professors to utilized other instruments to “live in up” lectures. It is a win-win for everyone. I recently took the initiative to receive training on Prezi (Live Streaming Presentation Software), Blackboard Collaborative (Online Distance Learning Program) and VTT (Video Teleconferencing Technology) to improve my lectures. Take some time today to learn and grow your trade.

All the Best to You,
Prof. Jenice Armstead

Prof. Jenice Armstead, MBA w/ Concentration in HR, DBA Candidate

Prof. Jenice Armstead, MBA w/ Concentration in HR, DBA Candidate

Excellent Turn Out for Saint Leo University Lakeland Center

The Lakeland Information Session was a huge success. I spoke about how Saint Leo University has allowed me to not only follow my dreams, but also make them a reality. Earning my degrees (Associates, Bachelors and MBA in HR) from Saint Leo University has provided many professional opportunities, which without a degree would not be possible. I spoke about how I was able to stay focused on the goal of earning my degree(s) and how I turned several “failures” into life learning lessons.

Saint Leo University not only teaches you the concepts for earning a degree, but core life values such as: community, respect, personal development, responsible stewardship and integrity. I ended on this note: “Turn your mess into your greatest message.”
Thank you to the Saint Leo University Lakeland Education Center for inviting me to speak as the Key Note Speaker for the Information Session Event, and for more information on earning your degree with Saint Leo University go to

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Saint Leo University Technology Showcase

Saint Leo University hosted a “Technology Showcase” on August 19, 2013, at the Main Campus in the Donald R. Tapia, School of Business building. It was an honor to stroll upon the campus grounds, which I earned my Associates in Arts, Bachelors in Business and Masters in Business. All professors and staff were invited to attend and learn about all of the new aged technology for higher learning.

The Technology Showcase featured tons of information for all Saint Leo staff and students to learn about. Some of the technologies included: Smart Boards, video teaching, Prezi and eCollege workshops. The Technology Showcase provided the chance for inaction with “how” all of the technology worked and functioned. The presentation provided professors with options to create richer learning environments for our students. This

Technology Showcase provided useful information and practical interactive features, BRAVO!  Thank you to Saint Leo University for a wonderful event!

For more information about Saint Leo University go to

Photography by:  Jenice Armstead

Saint Leo School of Business

Saint Leo School of Business

Saint Leo - Military Heritage

Saint Leo – Military Heritage

Saint Leo University 2013 Technology Showcase

Saint Leo University 2013 Technology Showcase