Wisdom Wednesday – The Harvest Mindset

This morning my mind is on the “Harvest.” I had a conversation with my spouse that made me rethink the “Harvest.”  She explained to me that when “one” plants a seed of a tree, “one” must wait for the tree to take roots and grow.  Then once the tree is strongly rooted it will start to sprout and grow, but it still must take deeper roots in order to bear fruit for harvesting.  This whole process takes a while.  In order to have a strongly rooted tree, there must be some deep roots.  This is the same for Spirit, in order for the things in  life to take root, the seed of the Spirit must break open and go deeper.  It is in the “going deeper” that growth happens.  The “wilderness” is always dark, but the “harvest” always comes to light when the time is right.  My choice is to enjoy the fact that I am “going deeper” for my roots to be firmly planted.  The struggle comes with asking the questions of “why is this process taking so long?”  The true of the matter is, Spirit is aware of the time needed – flesh is the one struggling with impatience.  I choose to enjoy the seeding, the rooting and the growing.