Key Training & Education Interview Questions

Training and education are core elements of the job force in this age. Without training and education work experience will only get you so far. With training, education and experience you will practically be handed more opportunities than you will know what to do with. But, inflating education and training accomplishments on your resume will hurt you in the long run. Be honest and factual with what you have been trained on and what you need training in.

Some questions you will be asked: What training have you had other than course in grade school or college? Many applicants are finding that they need additional education and training, but experience goes hand and hand together with education and training. With this question you need to elaborate on any certifications you many have as well as any courses online you have taken as well. Online courses are not frowned on as they once were in the past; in fact more companies realize that employees are more loyal the more education they have.

Interviewers will also ask you: What workshops have you attended? This is a open-ended question that is targeted toward what your specialty is. If you are human resources professional, they will want to know if you have been to any staffing or employee relations workshops, if you are information technology professional they will want to know if you have been to any fiber optic, customer service or trouble shooting workshops. If you haven’t been to any workshops, state that and also state your interest in developing your skills for the benefit of the company.

One of the last questions you WILL be asked is: Do you have any skills that are not listed on your resume or in your application? This is a great way for you to “talk yourself up” this means that you have an opportunity to talk as much about you and your skills and how unique you are. This is your time to shine, so do put every single detail on your resume because it won’t give you as much justice as you would do talking about your own self.

Happy Job Hunting