Understanding Government Pay Scales

Many people know that government jobs pay, but most people don’t know much. The truth is – government jobs not only pay well, they for the location expenses of the position as well.  Government agencies have different pay scales.  The key to selecting a government agency is to research and find out as much as possible.  You must research the agency and the pay scales of the agencies.  Find out about the locality pay, hazard pay, or any other positional pays that may be associated with the agency.  We all know that pay is important aspect of any career selection, so the government is no different than any other position you apply for.  With a few exceptions…the government has great benefits that no other civilian company can match – exactly.

Where people get confused is with the General Schedule Step grades (GS).  GS pay scales for the Office of Personnel has pay grades within the pay grade called STEPs. When you review the GS Pay scale on OPM website you will see basic, locality and then there is also a pay scale that combines basic pay and locality depending on the location of the position.  Among the pay scale are the steps of the pay. Steps are normally given to the pay grade employee depending on “time in grade” the normal promotional time period is 1 year per pay scale and step.

For more information contact me or go to achieve: Office of Personnel Management Pay Scales

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