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Introduction to Fan Samples This is a book of samples of my recently self-published books: Lesbians Have to Eat, Too! Stories and Memories in Food, A Natural Hair Journey Stories and Memories of a Curly Girl, and Lesbians Have to Eat, 2! More Stories, Memories and Thoughts in Food. As well as a preview to a few books I am currently working on “Pep Talks” which is a series dedicated to interview techniques, professional insight and interactive advice about interviewing in a holistic way. Then, there is “Boot Straps and High Heels” an autobiography about my military life as a closeted lesbian. The reason why I wanted to do a “Fan Sample” book is for those that wanted more information on my self-published books. This is better than only reading about it on the internet, this gives you samples out of the books for you to read and enjoy anytime you please. This gives you the pleasure of “trying” out some of the recipes as you wish and read some of the natural hair stories for you own personal enjoyment. This is just for the “Fans” because you deserve more than just a “Look Inside” you deserve a “Taste Inside” and a “laugh inside” as well. These snippets will do just that for you. I hope you enjoy your “Fan Sample” book of samples from all of my self-published books and a look at some of the upcoming books that are on their way as well.


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