Two-Cent Tuesday

How happy are you with your life? Your career? Your relationships? Your success? I have come to a realization that will change how and what I do for the rest of my life. I have realized that true happiness comes from being genuinely happy by removing selfishness from my life. You have the power to release “strong holds” on your life by taking a simple inventory of yourself. How often do you look to be a blessing or good to others? One of the quickest ways I have found to increase my happiness is to purposely look to be a blessing to others just because.

There are a number of ways to do this: Smiling and saying hello to a someone you don’t know, asking the checkout clerk “How are you doing today?” or simply waking up in the morning and choosing to think about all the people and blessings you are thankful for. It is time for all of us to remove selfishness from our lives and go back to the basics of happiness.

Try it and you will be surprised at how much your happiness will increase when you begin to recognize and remove selfishness from your everyday life. That is my two-cents on selfishness.

All the Best,

Thankful Thursday

Being thankful is more than words. Being thankful is a state of mind and being. To be truly thankful is to be a blessing everywhere you go to everyone you know or see. You can be thankful for your trial(s) without having a immediate break thru, but in the knowing that your break through is coming is how where the thankfulness is. Making a mindful method for being thankful can be as simple as finding something to be thankful for in your moment i.e. being thankful for your good health, good wealth and overall goodness in your life. Instead of finding fault or error in the “moment” look for what you are thankful for in the moment. Finding ways to be thankful will improve your outlook on your circumstances and your life overall. Psalm 100 says, “Be thankful and say so!” Thanksgiving is a mindset; choose your thoughts carefully throughout the day.

Have a Thankful Thursday,


Two-Cent Tuesday

Attending the movies has become a deadly accordance in today’s society. You never know the state of mind of the person sitting next to you, behind you or walking into the movie theater. I have attended many movies at The Grove. This movie theater is located in a shopping plaza 8 miles from my home in Tampa, Fl. Yesterday afternoon while attending a movie with his wife, a man was fatally shot by another movie goer for using a cell phone during the previews of the movie. It is with a heavy heart that I realized that in this situation the one thing that could have assisted the situation almost immediately would have been the use of self-control.

The “Spirit” of self-control is a method of understanding and common sense. We as human beings have been given the “Spirit” of self-control and it is used to assist our experiences with enlightened minds. Self-control is not always easy, or the most popular thing to exercise. But, the learned use of self-control can assist many difficult situations, and prevent violent and deadly misunderstandings. That’s my two-cents on the situation.


Poem: The Meaning

The graciousness to be love and feel love is with me

It is with me because of the unseen fore-being

Without ache or pain I am able to know thee

Understanding that the great pleasure is in the unseen


You are the heartbeat of my soul

In you I have divine rest which is untold

I know so to be truthful

And in that I have a divine call


With you I can do everything

Without you I can’t be anything

It is through you that I have meaning

It is by that I am all-things


Under the pressures of the world can be troubling

Without the untold story of enabling

Others have the ability to say mean things

But is it only through you that I am able


Thank you for being the meaning

Thank you for always understanding

Thank you for uplifting

It is in you that all things have meaning

By: Jenice Armstead

Monday Morning Mindset

Is your soul as lonely as your mind? Is it even more neglected? And when was the last time you felt your soul being expressed? When was the last time you cried with joy? Wrote poetry? Make music? Danced in the rain? Baked a pie? Painted anything? Fixed something that was broken? Kissed a baby? Held a cat to your face? Hiked up a hill? Swam naked? Walked at sunrise? Played the harmonica? Talked ‘til dawn? Made love for hours … on a beach, in the woods? Communed with nature? Searched for God? When was the last time you sat alone with the silence, traveling to the deepest part of your being? When was the last time you said hello to your soul?

We have 3 wells of opportunity. The Physical Well is about your body and what your body wants. The Mental Well is about your mental state of mind. The Spiritual Well is about your soul and spirituality stimulation. When one lives as a single-faceted creature, you become deeply mired in matter of the body: Money. Sex. Power. Possessions. Physical stimulation. Security. Fame. Financial gain. It is time to be more, it is time for greatness to prevail and love to endure all things.  Do something for your Soul today.

All the Best,