Monday Morning Mindset: Your Health

Today’s Monday Morning Mindset focuses on your health. Many people make goals of losing weight at one time or another in their life. The actual ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight depends on the food you are consuming. It is important to exercise and drink water daily, but what you eat is even more important than how much you exercise. This is something that we all hear time and time again from commercials, society, our families and sometimes even our self-conscious. The most important thing is what you actually put in your mouth. With commercialize processed food it can be hard to make healthy food choices on a regular basis. Instead of making an outlandish goal of losing 100 pounds within a certain amount of time, make smaller more realistic goals for yourself. You will allow yourself to succeed one moment and one bit at a time.


Forgiveness Friday: Words

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “Words.” Have you ever noticed that after you said something aloud that it came to be true in your life at one time or another? We have a tendency to speak without thinking. We complain without thought and gossip without recalling facts. We give opinions when not asked for, or give information without revelation. Then in the same instance have the audacity to be offended when our “words” are not taken in a manner suitable to us. My point is, it is time for forgive yourself for mindless words. There is nothing wrong with having a good time with friends and family, but when our words start to become hurtful or unwarranted it is time to press the pause button on the mouth. Words become things, so if we say mindless words we are in retrospect hurting ourselves. Being mindful of words is a matter of thinking about what you are saying, as you are saying it. Forgive yourself for mindless words and choose to come up higher in your ability to use your words for higher purposes.

Thankful Thursday – New Beginnings

Today’s “Thankful Thursday” focuses on finding and being thankful for new beginnings. New beginnings are the birth of brand-new things that manifest in your life. With new beginnings comes the realization of understanding the efforts of hard work and self-motivation paying off. New beginnings are a time for celebration and reflection. With every new beginning something else must end. The optimistic mind focuses on new beginnings as a plateau for new adventures, new journeys and new relationships. Instead of focusing on the past, focus on new beginnings of your the future.