Forgiveness Friday – Residual Mistakes

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “Residual Mistakes.” We as humans have a tendency to residually make the same mistake over and over and over. Learning from one’s mistakes is healthy, rather than continuously making the same mistakes without learning from it. The growth comes when you realize the residual mistake is not only a mistake, but also a lesson. Residual mistakes can impair our ability to grow, learn and develop. But they also allow us to take a self reflection of what’s actually important to us. The intrinsic nature of mistakes is to learn and grow from them. It is time to come up higher, grow and learn from our mistakes and no longer blame them for lack of ability to be happy or successful. Today, take the time to reflect on your residual mistakes and see if they are working in your favor or against your ability to grow.

Forgiveness Friday – Knowing Who You Are

This Forgiveness Friday we focus on “knowing who you are.” Knowing who you are involves an awareness of your past, your present and how you plan on moving towards your future. Often we live our life forward, yet we only can understand it backwards. Reflecting on past obstacles, challenges, dilemmas and oversights are all part of growing your self-knowledge of who you are. When you’re able to reflect on your past, you are able to understand yourself the full aspect of your personal growth and development. It’s important to set aside time each day to reflect on things that you’ve done, said and plan on doing or saying. When you’re conscious of your thoughts, words and deeds you’re able to affiliate positive change towards future events. Truth be told, many people do not know who they are and rarely take the time to self-reflect. Forgive yourself this and you take the time to get to know yourself. You may be surprised at who you come to find yourself to be.

Dr. Jaye

Forgiveness Friday – Excepting Imperfections

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “excepting imperfections.” We all have the ability to strive for perfection. In striving for perfection, we must also realize that is ultimately impossible to do anything perfectly. It is time for the acceptance of imperfections and to allow our imperfections to enable us to be better today than yesterday. Our ability to strive for perfection comes from the notion that we must be better than somebody else. The realization that everybody has innately natural gifts which allow for everyone to bring a little bit of something different to the table. This enables us to appreciate other people’s gifts, abilities and thought patterns. Imperfections are not weaknesses, and rather they are a reminder of our need for one another. It is time to forgive yourself for the imperfect thought of perfection being necessary. Take some time and examine your imperfections, and then find the best parts of the imperfections and use them to grow. It’s important to remember that everybody isn’t good at everything all the time. Embrace your imperfections, share them with people that can grow and learn from them. The truth is you are imperfectly perfect just the way you are, live and grow in that truth.

Forgiveness Friday: The Forgiveness Formula

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “The Forgiveness Formula.” Forgiveness takes time and efforts. Once you realize that you will never be able to “press a button” and forgive and forget the easier the path toward forgiveness will be. It is important to realize that you are a part of a larger “Forgiveness Formula.” The book “The Forgiveness Formula” talks about the “pathology of forgiveness which you were born into.” Yes, you have our own ways of forgiving, but you also have family dynamics which have shaped how you forgive. How does your mother forgive? How does your father forgive? How do your siblings forgive? How does/did your grandmother or grandfather forgive? These are patterns have shaped your “Forgiveness Formula.” Take some time and write out the forgiveness patterns you have and those of your close family members. Then connect your forgiveness patterns to those that you have similar forgiveness patterns. Do you see a pattern? When I completed this exercise, I noticed huge similarities. The good news is you can change your “Forgiveness Formula” with time and efforts. Focus on who you want to be and the part forgiveness plays in your own life.

Barnes and Noble Book Reference: The Forgiveness Formula 

Forgiveness Friday: Words

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “Words.” Have you ever noticed that after you said something aloud that it came to be true in your life at one time or another? We have a tendency to speak without thinking. We complain without thought and gossip without recalling facts. We give opinions when not asked for, or give information without revelation. Then in the same instance have the audacity to be offended when our “words” are not taken in a manner suitable to us. My point is, it is time for forgive yourself for mindless words. There is nothing wrong with having a good time with friends and family, but when our words start to become hurtful or unwarranted it is time to press the pause button on the mouth. Words become things, so if we say mindless words we are in retrospect hurting ourselves. Being mindful of words is a matter of thinking about what you are saying, as you are saying it. Forgive yourself for mindless words and choose to come up higher in your ability to use your words for higher purposes.

Forgiveness Friday – Choosing to Come Up Higher

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “choosing to come up higher.” Life events require us to adjust our eyes to the levels of deficiency within a difficult situation. The levels of deficiency provide us the ability to choose to come up higher, and make a different choice. When you choose to come up higher, you’re choosing to connect with the essence of your true self. Your true self speaks to the stillness of clarity that comes with then. It is in the stillness where we find our true faith, empowerment and beliefs. Choose to come up higher and allow the grace of goodness to submerge your life with abundance. When choosing to come up higher, you must make a choice to understand that fear is a wasted emotion unless you choose to learn to grow from it. Forgive yourself and choose to come up higher. Allow yourself to be empowered to think for yourself and choose to connect with the essence of your trueness.

Forgiveness Friday – Understanding Humility

This week focuses on understanding humility. Humility is something we normally don’t think of as an attribute. But, humility is something that we must all obtain in order to learn more about others and ourselves. A humble mine is able to learn and grow, it also ensures the ability to commit one self to further and deeper understandings for richer relationships. Humility is not a weakness; it is something that takes strength. We must try to consciously be aware of humility when having a conversation or interacting with others. When you’re humble you’re able to come up higher and gain a deeper understanding of self. A humble mine doesn’t always have to be right, or be the one to call out someone else’s flaws. Today forgive yourself or others for not practicing humility as much as they should. Take a moment to think of ways that you could practice more humility in your everyday life. This will help you be more aware of areas where growth and development are possible. Remember, humility gives way to a richer and deeper understanding of oneself and others.

Forgiveness Friday – Finding Your Purpose

This week focuses on Finding Your Purpose. We often have a mixture of finding a purpose and pursuing our goals in our lives. Finding your purpose is apart of pursuing your goals. These both are among the same entities, but applying different attributes of your life determines what you do with opportunities you are aware of. Finding your purpose allows you to become more connected to your natural gifts and abilities. This also makes you more aware of your overall purpose in life. Pursuing your goals is a fundamental aspect of our human ability to feel successful. When you combined finding your purpose with achieving your growth goals, you end up matching your personality to your purpose. Too often, we don’t match our personality to our purpose; rather we receive and accept mediocrity as our ultimate achievement. Finding your purpose does not guarantee riches or fame, but you will receive a treasure of knowing exactly who you are and what your purpose is for your life. Everybody has a dream, whether it is to achieve success with an organization or to your own business. Although success comes in many different forms for different people, it’s important to respect the abilities of yourself and embrace the adversity of challenges. Your destiny is beckoning you to achieve your full purpose of understanding your natural abilities and matching your personality with your purpose. Forgive yourself today for the lack of awareness and choose to be more aware of opportunities that you may have otherwise missed in the pursuit of your goals.

Forgiveness Friday – True Self

This week focuses on the true self. Being true to your self requires many things. First, there must be an awareness of not being true to oneself. Second, there must be acceptance for past behaviors. Finally, there must be a plan for awareness. Being true to oneself means that you realize that you have the ability to be and do more in your life. Self-respect is an attribute for becoming more aware and the plan for receiving more awareness requires attention. You become more aware of your actions when you choice to not react to a situation from mere emotions. When you realize that feelings are fickle, you begin to go deeper and come up to your true self.

Forgiveness Friday – Making Excuses

This week focuses on forgiveness for making excuses. Excuses are like opinions, everybody has one. The problem comes when we make excuses for things that we know we should be doing for ourselves in our lives. You may be making excuses for reasons for why you’re in debt instead of making a plan on how to get out of debt. You may be making excuses for why you can’t lose weight instead of focusing on eating healthy. You may be making excuses for why you haven’t received a promotion at work instead of improving your job skills by obtaining more education or on the job training. No matter your excuse the only way to find a solution for the problem is to forgive yourself for making excuses and come up with a plan on how to obtain your goals. Many times when we face something head on and stop making excuses for it we become an inspiration for others. Many people struggle with similar problems. Instead of focusing on making excuses, focus on how to overcome your excuses with solutions.

Forgiveness Friday – The Complaining Habit

This week focuses on releasing the complaining habit. In these times that we live in, complaining is something of the normal for people to do without thinking. Complaining obstructs your ability to see the good in the situation or a relationship. By complaining you allow negative thoughts and adverse actions to be welcomed into your personal arena. Forgiveness of the complaining habit is something that needs to be done on purpose and with an active conscious thought. The moment you think or feel a reason to complain about a situation or person, take a moment and think about the goodness of the situation or the relationship. Instead of complaining about where you’re not and past failures, think about how far you’ve come and the accomplishments you’ve made. Keeping a positive attitude is part of the development of releasing the complaining habit in your life. A spiritual advisor informed me that complaining is a close relative to offense. Offense is something that may come about in many situations where you have a good reason, but the key is to not reason with complaints and offenses rather than to release them. Forgive yourself for easily complaining and easily be offended. It is now time to focus on doing more good and speaking more positivity into your life.

Forgiveness Friday – Feeling Anger

This week focuses on forgiveness of feeling angry. Anger is something that we as humans all encounter at one time or another in our lives. The cliché phrase says, “anger is one letter away from danger.” We can we can control our anger if we begin to recognize the source of the anger. Anger arises as a direct result of not dealing with something head-on. Feeling angry is not the issue; rather the issue comes from acting on our anger. When you begin to feel feelings of anger, take a moment to think about why the feelings of anger have come into your mind. Take minute for going deeper to find the source. Take 60 seconds and ask yourself three questions. Why am I angry? Is this anger the result of an action from another? Have I had any participation and the results of their actions? Try to find the core of your angry feelings. You will begin to realize how to allow for those angry feelings to subside or calm down. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with feeling anger, the question is what you do as a result of your feelings of being angry.

Forgiveness Friday

This week focuses on forgiveness of “yourself for over complicating your life.” Way too many times we overcomplicate our life with expectations, obligations and insinuations. We overcomplicate our life by thinking that we are expected to be and do everything for everyone all the time. Within this mindset, obligations begin to bog us down and make us feel as though we have no choice in the situation. The truth of the matter is, when you start to insinuate requirements and bow down to obligations, unforgiveness starts to nest. This week, take some time to think about any expectations, obligations or insinuations being requested of you. Seek to find the root of these requests. Choose to forgive yourself for allowing expectations, obligations and insinuations to nest unforgiveness and your being.

Forgiveness Friday – Small Things

This weeks’ Forgiveness Friday focuses on forgiveness of the small things. Many times in relationships we allow little things to slip into the arena of unforgiveness within our minds. When your spouse forgets to make the bed up and rushes out the door without giving you a kiss goodbye, it is then you need to choose to forgive. When your friend forgets an appointment with you, it is then you need to choose to forgive. When your books don’t come in on time for the first day of class, it is then you need to choose to forgive. Way too often we think that forgiveness is solely reserved for something, which involves deceitfulness, betrayal, or any other life changing event. But, the truth is forgiveness is for everything, including the small things. When you choose to forgive the small things, you’re choosing to release the ability for small things to add up to a huge explosion of laired unforgiveness. Make a point to be consciously aware of the small things that are in need of forgiveness within your life.

Forgiveness Friday: False Voice

This weeks’ Forgiveness Friday focuses on the forgiveness of thinking that the false voice within your thoughts has any power of your current outcomes and situation. Many of us have false voices within us that express and bring forth feelings of anxiety, burden, judgment and even blocker clarity. A key to understanding the signs of the false voice within oneself is to recognize the voice as ego expressing itself through the presence of fear in your life. This happens when you go “against the grain” and do something new or against family traditions. Habits and past experiences attribute to the false voice and may leave you feeling empty or without progress. Recognize and realize that the false voice of fear within you needs and requires your forgiveness. Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day; discern sensations by using the feeling of how your body senses the presence of the false voice within your thoughts. Start by replacing the false voice of fear with thoughts of past accomplishments and future goals. Make a list of all the things that you have accomplished and overcome them keep this list on a small piece of paper, which you can access easily. This method will help you to manage and understand when the false voice of fear comes into your thoughts. It will allow you to instantly forgive yourself for thinking those thoughts. Allow forgiveness itself to be an encouragement for future goals and aspirations that you have for your life.

Forgiveness Friday: Going Deeper

Forgiveness is something that has been given to us freely by the Higher Source. Through forgiveness we are able to freely receive the ability to be our true selves. When we begin to understand the power of forgiveness, we are able to ultimately receive from the Higher Source, all which is possible in this life experience. When you have the ability to forgive, you have the ability to receive. Within our humanistic self, forgiveness seems to be difficult and unfair at times. The humanistic experience expresses that forgiveness as something which is hard, but in the spiritual realm forgiveness is something that is ultimately easy. It is important to take a “pause” within our daily and busy lives to identify “triggers” where un-forgiveness may hide. Within our spirits are able to identify where forgiveness may sometimes be held hostage within our bodies.  Allowing un-forgiveness to dwell in ones body, causes the body to deteriorate faster than it would if truth and unconditional love dwelled in the body.  This Forgiveness Friday focuses on the ability to “go deeper” within oneself and find “pieces” of un-forgiveness within oneself.  Begin to release them in order to receive a more prosperous life experience, by choosing to forgive, one is choosing to receive.  Do yourself a favor, and forgive.