Forgiveness Friday – Knowing Who You Are

This Forgiveness Friday we focus on “knowing who you are.” Knowing who you are involves an awareness of your past, your present and how you plan on moving towards your future. Often we live our life forward, yet we only can understand it backwards. Reflecting on past obstacles, challenges, dilemmas and oversights are all part of growing your self-knowledge of who you are. When you’re able to reflect on your past, you are able to understand yourself the full aspect of your personal growth and development. It’s important to set aside time each day to reflect on things that you’ve done, said and plan on doing or saying. When you’re conscious of your thoughts, words and deeds you’re able to affiliate positive change towards future events. Truth be told, many people do not know who they are and rarely take the time to self-reflect. Forgive yourself this and you take the time to get to know yourself. You may be surprised at who you come to find yourself to be.

Dr. Jaye

Less Doing & More Being

Today we reflect on the actions of misunderstandings and are in need of more healing and forgiveness. Misunderstandings are the direct result of a lack of ability to properly communicate the human need for connection. The human connection is more vital in our current times than ever before. Now, we need to express ourselves in a way that will affirm our future. Our youth need guidance and to be affirmed about their ability to be successful. There needs to be a conversation about equality, rights, and the comprehension of fairness. Now is a pivotal moment in history to outline a path engraved with wisdom and forgiveness. All of these attributes will provide structure for personal awareness and leadership. The key notion to take from the actions of the past is to realize that it is important to be more in the most volatile moments of our experiences. It is time to come up higher, be more, react less, and extend understanding for deeper connections to that, which is broken.

All the Best,


Forgiveness Friday – Small Things

This weeks’ Forgiveness Friday focuses on forgiveness of the small things. Many times in relationships we allow little things to slip into the arena of unforgiveness within our minds. When your spouse forgets to make the bed up and rushes out the door without giving you a kiss goodbye, it is then you need to choose to forgive. When your friend forgets an appointment with you, it is then you need to choose to forgive. When your books don’t come in on time for the first day of class, it is then you need to choose to forgive. Way too often we think that forgiveness is solely reserved for something, which involves deceitfulness, betrayal, or any other life changing event. But, the truth is forgiveness is for everything, including the small things. When you choose to forgive the small things, you’re choosing to release the ability for small things to add up to a huge explosion of laired unforgiveness. Make a point to be consciously aware of the small things that are in need of forgiveness within your life.

Forgiveness Friday: False Voice

This weeks’ Forgiveness Friday focuses on the forgiveness of thinking that the false voice within your thoughts has any power of your current outcomes and situation. Many of us have false voices within us that express and bring forth feelings of anxiety, burden, judgment and even blocker clarity. A key to understanding the signs of the false voice within oneself is to recognize the voice as ego expressing itself through the presence of fear in your life. This happens when you go “against the grain” and do something new or against family traditions. Habits and past experiences attribute to the false voice and may leave you feeling empty or without progress. Recognize and realize that the false voice of fear within you needs and requires your forgiveness. Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day; discern sensations by using the feeling of how your body senses the presence of the false voice within your thoughts. Start by replacing the false voice of fear with thoughts of past accomplishments and future goals. Make a list of all the things that you have accomplished and overcome them keep this list on a small piece of paper, which you can access easily. This method will help you to manage and understand when the false voice of fear comes into your thoughts. It will allow you to instantly forgive yourself for thinking those thoughts. Allow forgiveness itself to be an encouragement for future goals and aspirations that you have for your life.

Forgiveness Friday: Going Deeper

Forgiveness is something that has been given to us freely by the Higher Source. Through forgiveness we are able to freely receive the ability to be our true selves. When we begin to understand the power of forgiveness, we are able to ultimately receive from the Higher Source, all which is possible in this life experience. When you have the ability to forgive, you have the ability to receive. Within our humanistic self, forgiveness seems to be difficult and unfair at times. The humanistic experience expresses that forgiveness as something which is hard, but in the spiritual realm forgiveness is something that is ultimately easy. It is important to take a “pause” within our daily and busy lives to identify “triggers” where un-forgiveness may hide. Within our spirits are able to identify where forgiveness may sometimes be held hostage within our bodies.  Allowing un-forgiveness to dwell in ones body, causes the body to deteriorate faster than it would if truth and unconditional love dwelled in the body.  This Forgiveness Friday focuses on the ability to “go deeper” within oneself and find “pieces” of un-forgiveness within oneself.  Begin to release them in order to receive a more prosperous life experience, by choosing to forgive, one is choosing to receive.  Do yourself a favor, and forgive.

Monday Morning Mindset

Forgiveness is the key to releasing validation issues in your life. The freedom to forgive allows people to move on with their lives, and allows for goodness to flow through their life experiences and into their soul. I realized in my life that forgiveness is something that is given freely with no expectations of acknowledgment of the hurt a person has objected upon my life. Forgiveness is best experienced in the awareness of one’s own truth about self. It takes a lot of courage to forgive somebody freely for hurts unspoken of. God forgives us freely, and then graces us with the ability to forgive others freely. We are to forgive in remembrance of Him, for He has forgiven us over and over for things that we’ve done.  Forgiveness is the key.


Forgiveness Friday

Today, take the time to forgive yourself for past faults. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, past miscommunications and past judgments. Today is a gift that you will not get back, because tomorrow – today will be the past. The past is one of our greatest life teachers. The past allows for us to reflect on how we could have handled a situation better, how we could have not reacted or how much we still have to learn. But, today choose to forgive yourself, others and adverse situations for not being or doing what you now know and have the full understanding of. Choose to do yourself a favor, and let it go to forgiveness.