Forgiveness Friday: False Voice

This weeks’ Forgiveness Friday focuses on the forgiveness of thinking that the false voice within your thoughts has any power of your current outcomes and situation. Many of us have false voices within us that express and bring forth feelings of anxiety, burden, judgment and even blocker clarity. A key to understanding the signs of the false voice within oneself is to recognize the voice as ego expressing itself through the presence of fear in your life. This happens when you go “against the grain” and do something new or against family traditions. Habits and past experiences attribute to the false voice and may leave you feeling empty or without progress. Recognize and realize that the false voice of fear within you needs and requires your forgiveness. Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day; discern sensations by using the feeling of how your body senses the presence of the false voice within your thoughts. Start by replacing the false voice of fear with thoughts of past accomplishments and future goals. Make a list of all the things that you have accomplished and overcome them keep this list on a small piece of paper, which you can access easily. This method will help you to manage and understand when the false voice of fear comes into your thoughts. It will allow you to instantly forgive yourself for thinking those thoughts. Allow forgiveness itself to be an encouragement for future goals and aspirations that you have for your life.

Wisdom Wednesday

Are you frustrated and in-patient? Why is that? Do you feel that you should be in a position or financial place that you feel you are not currently? Why is that? Take some time to realize that you have “gifts” that you can do naturally. Instead of being and doing what you think you should do, take some time to think about what makes you truly happy.

For a while, I thought that success was a corner office in a high rise building, with a ton of employees answers to me. After taking some time to embrace my “true self,” I realized that I have had many job opportunities where a “high rise” office was foreseeable. While pursing that goal, I found myself with an emptiness that wasn’t fulfilled. After taking some to sitt with my thoughts and feelings and realized that I loved to teach people how to do things to make their lives better. Teaching is one of my natural gifts, I can remember as far back as 5 years old standing up in front of my Barbie Dolls teaching a class lecture about how to teach people. My core being is to teach. What is your core being? Ask yourself a few questions to get started:

When am I truly happy professionally?

When was the last time I did those things?

How can I embrace the “true being” of myself and grow professionally?

Set a goal and work toward it.

Wisdom Wednesday

Have you ever noticed when you are “feeling” good about yourself, you tend to be more selfish than when you aren’t?  That is because feelings are fickle.  Feelings come and go with the wind.  One minute you can feel happy, and the very next minute you can feel sad.  This is because feelings are an aspect of what we “think” is happing to us.  Instead of letting your feelings rule you, make a point to be aware of your feelings when they suddenly change.  Take a moment to self reflect to see if you have done something that your Spirit or Higher Self has disagreed with.  Did you act badly in traffic?  Did you not respond to a “good morning” from a friendly stranger?  Did you wake up and start saying hurtful things to your loved ones?  No matter the situation, make a point to try and self reflect in the situation and evaluate why you are feeling the way you are.  You will be surprised at what you may learn about yourself.

Thoughtful Thursday

When you believe in something, love, desire, and want it, you can create it more quickly.  One thing you have to do is not allow the emotions of others to drain you.  As you calm your emotions, you will be able to handle other people’s strong emotions.

When you think about it emotions are how you know whether you like or dislike something.  Your emotions are the key to understanding your environment and how you choose to react to it.  When you think about something on a continuum basis you allow it to come into your life faster than it would if you weren’t thinking of it.  It isn’t something that can be controlled, unless you choose to do so. It is true.  I can remember thinking about not wanting to have a bad day and in fact drawing situations to me that actually caused me to have a bad day.  In the moment you are thinking about it, you don’t realize what you’re doing – unless you choose to understand what you’re doing.

You are affected by others and their emotions – whether it is a positive or a negative way.  You choose what to transcend from others emotions.  You are in total control of your emotions and what you absorb.  The key is to calm yourself and not allow others emotions to become your emotions through default.


Wisdom Wednesday

When you “feel” something, the first thing you should do is take a second to analysis why you are “feeling” the way you are. If you are feeling sad, happy, excited or reserved, remember that your environment is a contributing factor to your feelings. You have control of how you respond to your feelings.

A girl finally got her dream job and on her first day of work she felt excited. She was smiling and happy to see and meet her new co-workers. While getting ready to leave for the day, one of her new co-workers decided to voice her opinion about the new girl’s perceived happiness of working there. The co-worked made a rude remark in front of  other co-works. The new girl started to feel anxiety and negativity, which made her question if she even belonged there. Instead of acting on the feelings, the new girl decided to say aloud to herself “I can do anything I put my mind to, I earned this position and I know that I have self-control.” Then the new girl turned to the co-worker whom said the rude remark and said “It was a pleasure to meet you, I look forward to working with you in the future.” The new girl walked to her car grinning with the understanding that she didn’t let her “feelings” control her, instead she decided to exercise her self-control over her own “feelings.”

We have the ability to be reactive in a negative way or a positive way. Be careful to not let “feelings” rule your life. You have the power of self-control.

Personal Awareness

A thought is energy that you can control. Instead of being affected by negative energy, create positive life energy in place of it.

Each of us has the ability to visualize, for I believe that everyone can think of a rose, either to picture it or feel it. This is the process one would use in order to become more aware of the energy in and around them. You can learn to feel the emotional energy in a room of people by picking out which person is emitting energy that is feeling anxiety, upset, or joy. You can learn to change the effect of that energy by closing your eyes, focusing with precision on the energy that is bothering you, and changing its impact with your mind. Just as you can close your eyes and visualize a rose, so can you use the process of visualization to heal people and work on energy that you do not like, or would like to evolve.

Most people tense up when encountering negative energy. That attracts even more negative energy. To avoid being affected by negative energy, relax. Any process of relaxation will work. Then visualize or image a peaceful feeling. By visualizing what feelings you do want, you will not pick up negative energies you don’t want.

Reference: Sanaya Roman, Personal Power through Awareness, Book II of the Earth Life Series.

Get connected to yourself,
Pen Name: Jayla Heart