Wisdom Wednesday

Have you ever noticed when you are “feeling” good about yourself, you tend to be more selfish than when you aren’t?  That is because feelings are fickle.  Feelings come and go with the wind.  One minute you can feel happy, and the very next minute you can feel sad.  This is because feelings are an aspect of what we “think” is happing to us.  Instead of letting your feelings rule you, make a point to be aware of your feelings when they suddenly change.  Take a moment to self reflect to see if you have done something that your Spirit or Higher Self has disagreed with.  Did you act badly in traffic?  Did you not respond to a “good morning” from a friendly stranger?  Did you wake up and start saying hurtful things to your loved ones?  No matter the situation, make a point to try and self reflect in the situation and evaluate why you are feeling the way you are.  You will be surprised at what you may learn about yourself.

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