Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

PORT CALL: Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos

Day 3

We finally made it to our first port, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos on day 3 of our Olivia Travel cruise.  Talk about a phenomenal place, the water was indigo blue, the people were friendly and the weather was perfect.  We arrived at 8am and stayed in port until 3:30pm.  My wife and I started off with some excellent breakfast from the Lido Deck.  The food ranged from light breakfast items like fruit, muffins and yogurt parfaits to flap jacks and crispy bacon.  We went back to our cabin to grab our passports and beachwear.  Getting off the ship was a little confusing, but we had some awesome ladies from the Olivia staff to assist us.

After enjoying the beach and some light shopping, we went back to the ship and decided to grab a bit to eat.  We went to try a different grill when I ran into C.C. Carter.  C.C. Carter is a renowned poet who’s words embrace the spirit of women empowerment.  She grabbed me and said  “I need you to be one of my powerful curvy girls.”  I had no idea what she was talking about, but I agreed.  Who says no to C. C. Carter?  What C.C. wants she gets!  Before I knew it I found myself in the middle of a full figured women empowerment movement.  C.C. Carter preformed, while she preformed she wanted her “full figured” women to support her by strutting our stuff on a walk way by the stage she was on.  Talk about a once in a lifetime event.  In all this port call was fantastic.

This day was especially wonderful because the theme of this cruise was “Equality and Leadership” and in light of the theme there was a celebration with the guest of honor Edie Windsor.  Also, a massive Commitment Ceremony was held board the ship at 5pm.  Then later that night the internationally known Indigo Girls preformed at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

Olivia Staff Feedback:  The staff was great with assisting us all get on and off the ship in an fast and orderly fashion.  The port call could have been a few hours longer, but other than that – great job with this port call.

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