Not Taking on Others Fears and Anxieties

Fears and anxieties arise from a lack of control of the situation or event. When others have a fear of change, unforeseen circumstances and other things out of their control – fear and anxiety start to fester. Today’s Wisdom Wednesday focuses on not taking on others fears and anxieties. When you realize who you are, how to get things done and the purpose of things – your fears and anxieties will turn into motivational driven abilities towards a goal. Goals are great ways to keep track of what you want to do, where you want to be and how you want to get there. We are all human, and fear and anxieties come with the human experience. The growth and understanding comes from understanding that fears and anxieties out of your control may get out a hand when not dealt with face on. One way to deal with fears and anxieties – for example in the workplace, is to gain a better clarification through communication with others. Although communicating with others may not provide absolute clarity, it can provide enough clarity to gain an understanding of how to handle the situation. Make a point to pay attention when you have fears and anxieties come from you by the way of others emotions and reactions to situations. This is a great way to gain understanding and provide yourself the ability to stay cool, calm and collective in any given situation.


Wisdom Wednesday – The Harvest Mindset

This morning my mind is on the “Harvest.” I had a conversation with my spouse that made me rethink the “Harvest.”  She explained to me that when “one” plants a seed of a tree, “one” must wait for the tree to take roots and grow.  Then once the tree is strongly rooted it will start to sprout and grow, but it still must take deeper roots in order to bear fruit for harvesting.  This whole process takes a while.  In order to have a strongly rooted tree, there must be some deep roots.  This is the same for Spirit, in order for the things in  life to take root, the seed of the Spirit must break open and go deeper.  It is in the “going deeper” that growth happens.  The “wilderness” is always dark, but the “harvest” always comes to light when the time is right.  My choice is to enjoy the fact that I am “going deeper” for my roots to be firmly planted.  The struggle comes with asking the questions of “why is this process taking so long?”  The true of the matter is, Spirit is aware of the time needed – flesh is the one struggling with impatience.  I choose to enjoy the seeding, the rooting and the growing.

Wisdom Wednesday

Are you frustrated and in-patient? Why is that? Do you feel that you should be in a position or financial place that you feel you are not currently? Why is that? Take some time to realize that you have “gifts” that you can do naturally. Instead of being and doing what you think you should do, take some time to think about what makes you truly happy.

For a while, I thought that success was a corner office in a high rise building, with a ton of employees answers to me. After taking some time to embrace my “true self,” I realized that I have had many job opportunities where a “high rise” office was foreseeable. While pursing that goal, I found myself with an emptiness that wasn’t fulfilled. After taking some to sitt with my thoughts and feelings and realized that I loved to teach people how to do things to make their lives better. Teaching is one of my natural gifts, I can remember as far back as 5 years old standing up in front of my Barbie Dolls teaching a class lecture about how to teach people. My core being is to teach. What is your core being? Ask yourself a few questions to get started:

When am I truly happy professionally?

When was the last time I did those things?

How can I embrace the “true being” of myself and grow professionally?

Set a goal and work toward it.

Wisdom Wednesday

Have you ever noticed when you are “feeling” good about yourself, you tend to be more selfish than when you aren’t?  That is because feelings are fickle.  Feelings come and go with the wind.  One minute you can feel happy, and the very next minute you can feel sad.  This is because feelings are an aspect of what we “think” is happing to us.  Instead of letting your feelings rule you, make a point to be aware of your feelings when they suddenly change.  Take a moment to self reflect to see if you have done something that your Spirit or Higher Self has disagreed with.  Did you act badly in traffic?  Did you not respond to a “good morning” from a friendly stranger?  Did you wake up and start saying hurtful things to your loved ones?  No matter the situation, make a point to try and self reflect in the situation and evaluate why you are feeling the way you are.  You will be surprised at what you may learn about yourself.

Wisdom Wednesday

You have the ability to “think yourself into a good mood, or a bad mood.”  In my many professional experiences I have met people that have and express negative thoughts.  Recently, I was contracted to work for a company where I was able to communication with many people.  During this job many people “thought” they were not “good enough” and had terrible self-images.

My realization was that many people think the worst about themselves and have low hopes for their future.  At times, being in sales is like being a people therapist … You get their entire story and they want a miracle from you with promises that a product will cure their hurt … But only GOD can do that.

While working this contracted job, I often found myself giving this advice:

True freedom is being able to self-evaluate without self judgment.  Finding self-value in your individualism is priceless.  We all have individual gifts from GOD, don’t compare your gifts to anyone else’s abilities.   It is only by grace that GOD, who gives gifts can you grow and develop in yourself.  Walk in your special grace.  Allowing for others to determine your worth is like an adult getting mad at a child for being hungry, it is preventable.  Know who you are and yourself value will increase.

All the Best,