Wisdom Wednesday

You have the ability to “think yourself into a good mood, or a bad mood.”  In my many professional experiences I have met people that have and express negative thoughts.  Recently, I was contracted to work for a company where I was able to communication with many people.  During this job many people “thought” they were not “good enough” and had terrible self-images.

My realization was that many people think the worst about themselves and have low hopes for their future.  At times, being in sales is like being a people therapist … You get their entire story and they want a miracle from you with promises that a product will cure their hurt … But only GOD can do that.

While working this contracted job, I often found myself giving this advice:

True freedom is being able to self-evaluate without self judgment.  Finding self-value in your individualism is priceless.  We all have individual gifts from GOD, don’t compare your gifts to anyone else’s abilities.   It is only by grace that GOD, who gives gifts can you grow and develop in yourself.  Walk in your special grace.  Allowing for others to determine your worth is like an adult getting mad at a child for being hungry, it is preventable.  Know who you are and yourself value will increase.

All the Best,



Monday Morning Mindset

Thoughts become things, if you don’t believe this just look outside your front or back door. That building across the street, the car you drive, the bus you ride or the clothes and shoes you wear were all once someone’s idea. Thoughts are all ideas of the mind, which have the ability to become “things.” It has been said that the average human being has up to 5,000 single thoughts each and everyday. Keeping in mind that 5,000 of those thoughts become up to 500 ideas and of those 500 ideas only 20 – 50 have the tendency to become actual things with using provoked action. Those 20 – 50 things could be up to 1 or 2 published, created, invented or researched physical or tangible objects. Thoughts are important for various reasons.

A thought is the creative and intuitive way for your brain to understand the environment for which it is viewing. There are various ways for the brain to view one single event, item or person. There are truly hundreds of thousands of ways for something to be viewed, interpreted or communicated. The whole idea of a thought is to provoke action. It is mindful to have “Think Sessions” with yourself. “Think Sessions” are a great way to build thought control. Since your thoughts have the ability to become things, it is wise to remember that those “things” may or may not be in favor of what you want to create in your life. Choose your thoughts wisely, or they will choose you.

Thoughts Become Things

Monday Morning Mindset – Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day is more than a holiday celebrated for shopping sales, free meals and discounts.  Veterans Day is the day for all of us to honor those who have served both voluntarily and involuntarily for all to enjoy the freedoms of civil rights, equal rights and rights to come.  Veterans are the backbone of this country, being a veteran of the United States Navy is my honor.  I am honored to have served these United States of America.

Being a veteran has allowed many benefits that I other wise would not enjoy.  The military provided an education that my parents couldn’t afford to give me.  I earned my Associates in Science from Vincennes University, Associates in Art, Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Science, Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources from Saint Leo University and currently earning my Doctorates in Business Administration.  All this education has been provided by the opportunities of being a veteran of the military.

What most people who know about all my educational path don’t know the challenges that took place while earning my education.  The many nights I was on “watch” while cramming for an English exam.  Military deployments to South Korea; Mombasa, Kenya; Rhoda, Spain; and Iraq where I was sleep derived and living off of Ready Made Meals (MREs) while scheduling exam retake dates to graduate on time.  The training operations in Camp Pendleton for mortar missile training while staying up until the early hours of the morning to ensure I had my math test submitted on time.

Today, as you see people in your coming and goings remember the ones who have given their lives for the rights you freely enjoy.  Don’t merely “thank a veteran” “appreciate a veteran.”  Appreciation is worth more than any thank you could ever say.

All the Best,

Yeoman Second Class (Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist) Armstead aka Jenice

Great Lakes, ILL.  aka  Great Mistakes

Jenice Armstead Boot Camp Photo


Monday Morning Mindset

Having and keeping peace in your life is all about active action toward deciding to remain constant in every situation. In a world full of turmoil, unemployment and despair “Peace” says that no matter what the situation is, you have a right to remain peaceful at all times. Peace isn’t about getting what you want when you want it. Peace is the ability to remain stable in the middle of a tragedy, uncomfortable situations or simply when you are having a bad day. Peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit. When you have peace, you can remain grounded in knowing that everything will work out and be okay in the long run. Take some time to remind yourself to remain peaceful. Set your calendar or a alarm clock to remind you to remain peaceful throughout the day. Then say aloud “I am at peace with myself, others and all situations.” Remember, thoughts become words, and words become deeds.



Monday Morning Mindset

In a world full of upset and disappointment, it is encouraging to see positive views of your perception of what the world could be. Having worked for several large corporations and small businesses, the realization has come to me that it isn’t what you do – but how you do it. When you realize how invaluable you are, you begin to see the most positive sides of everything.

The other week I had the honor of meeting a complete stranger during an interview for a business contract. In perfect hindsight it seemed that we had no common denominator with one another. But, it is always important to look past what you see. This young woman shared her hardships with me about her starting to “go natural” with her hair. She asked about my natural hair journey and advice on what she could do. I answered her questions, but it was also put on my heart to tell her about my personal and emotional depletion with my natural hair journey. I told her how I have received many adverse comments and snide remarks about my hair and how the comments often made me feel. I shared how it was one of the hardest things I had ever done, yet one of the most freeing things I had done for my Spirit. She started crying uncontrollably and I asked her if I could give her a hug. She agreed, and then we both sobbed together for a few minutes.

For a moment we shared the same pain, discord and upset about “going natural.” But, it was much more than that, we sobbed about not being accepted by society, low self-esteem and our overall feeling about how our “nappy” hair made us feel. She apologized, for being “silly” and crying. I told her that it wasn’t silly, and that sometimes you just need for someone else to simply understand your pain. She thanked me and I was honored to have shared that moment of human empathy with her.

There is freedom in sharing the truth, no matter how painful it may seem. If we took a little more time to share in each others pain, the healing for each one of us could infect the world with more love.




Monday Morning Mindset

Way too often workers are under appreciated, overworked and not compensated to the proper financial amount. Being a United States Navy Veteran, I can speak from a first person stance on all of the above being valid and true. But, many small businesses are facing the same hardships. With the economy in a yo-yo state and federal programs like SNAP and WIC being cut, one has to ask themselves: How am I going to survive this event? The answer is not simple, but one that has to be continuously answered and revamped depending on the events in your life.

If you are worried about what you are going to eat, how your are going to pay your rent or how you are going to put gas in your car which probably needs serious maintenance work – you are not alone. The key to getting some of the resolutions for these simple needs is communication with oneanother. Talk about it, talk about your needs and then see if you can be of assistances to someone else that may be in an even worst off situation than you. We need one another to survive; once that is rekindled the human race will begin the healing process of progress. Until then, the individual mindset will do nothing for us except to separate us from us.