Thoughtful Tuesday – Blackness


In the still of the night there was blackness

Blackness was and is the beginning of life

The earth and heavens were created out of blackness

The colors all migrate to blackness

A baby is conceived in blackness

The thought of a subconscious mind is pooled with blackness

Growth is in blackness

Your most informative self is derived from blackness

Your nutrition is distributed in blackness

You are all considered blackness from the original people

All good comes from blackness

All is black

All will return to being subdued blackness

Blackness is beautiful

By: Jenice Armstead

Thoughtful Thursday

When you believe in something, love, desire, and want it, you can create it more quickly.  One thing you have to do is not allow the emotions of others to drain you.  As you calm your emotions, you will be able to handle other people’s strong emotions.

When you think about it emotions are how you know whether you like or dislike something.  Your emotions are the key to understanding your environment and how you choose to react to it.  When you think about something on a continuum basis you allow it to come into your life faster than it would if you weren’t thinking of it.  It isn’t something that can be controlled, unless you choose to do so. It is true.  I can remember thinking about not wanting to have a bad day and in fact drawing situations to me that actually caused me to have a bad day.  In the moment you are thinking about it, you don’t realize what you’re doing – unless you choose to understand what you’re doing.

You are affected by others and their emotions – whether it is a positive or a negative way.  You choose what to transcend from others emotions.  You are in total control of your emotions and what you absorb.  The key is to calm yourself and not allow others emotions to become your emotions through default.