Forgiveness Friday – The Complaining Habit

This week focuses on releasing the complaining habit. In these times that we live in, complaining is something of the normal for people to do without thinking. Complaining obstructs your ability to see the good in the situation or a relationship. By complaining you allow negative thoughts and adverse actions to be welcomed into your personal arena. Forgiveness of the complaining habit is something that needs to be done on purpose and with an active conscious thought. The moment you think or feel a reason to complain about a situation or person, take a moment and think about the goodness of the situation or the relationship. Instead of complaining about where you’re not and past failures, think about how far you’ve come and the accomplishments you’ve made. Keeping a positive attitude is part of the development of releasing the complaining habit in your life. A spiritual advisor informed me that complaining is a close relative to offense. Offense is something that may come about in many situations where you have a good reason, but the key is to not reason with complaints and offenses rather than to release them. Forgive yourself for easily complaining and easily be offended. It is now time to focus on doing more good and speaking more positivity into your life.

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