Key Interview Questions: Availability

Many applicants are very motivated and will mark the “availability” section as immediately. This could be a good and a bad move. Most employer are looking for applicants to start within the next week or so, in comparison to the interviewing date. But, keep in mind you don’t want to look “too” available. If applicants appear to be “too” available employers are likely to wonder why. Here are some tips for you when you are asked the classic interview question: When are you available to start?

Now that you have made it to the interviewing process, and you are near the end of an interview, you’ve answered all the required questions and the selecting official asks you the question of: “When are you available to start?” The humanistic answer is to say “today” but you need to be mindful and think about the date you can actually start. Before you go to an interview be sure to have a pre-selected date in mind when you are asked this question.

After you state the date you are available to start, make sure you add a personal statement about yourself such as “I have my affairs in order, and if you need me to start earlier, say the 10th of April, then I will be able to manage that start date as well.” Make sure you know what the current date is. When you are interviewing for a position knowing what day it is, is important. This shows the selecting official that you are aware of your current, place and time. This also shows the selecting official that you are mentally organized.

All in all, know your exact availability dates and the current date. It sounds simple, but these are interviewing techniques that are true and work. All the best to you on your job hunt and finding your dream job.

Press Release: Pep Talks Vol 4: Answering Training Questions

I am so exited to announce my latest book: PEP TALKS Vol 4 – Answering Training Questions! The “Pep Talks” Book Series, are a compilation of advice, insight, examples, sample interview questions and professional advice.

The Pep Talks Book Series clarifies difficult interview questions as the reader focuses on their goals.  The Pep Talks Book Series gets the reader moving in the right direction, and saves the reader time and effort, along with helping the reader narrow down what areas are in need of professional enhancement.  The Pep Talks Book Series addresses all types of difficult interview questions that may be asked of the reader during an interview or during a conversation being had by an interviewee.

It is important for the reader to understand that an interview can seemly happen at any given time or place, so it is good practice to have some “pre-set” answers to some of these questions to provide a more fluid professional appearance.  Nervousness often happens during interviews or with conversations with people whom are unfamiliar.

The Pep Talks Book Series are designed to assist the reader in planning, executing, and managing career goals and potential growth in the field of choice.  Each section has interactive “fill in the blank” area for guiding the reader with critical thinking examples to assist with brainstorming and “Confidence Boosting Affirmations” providing the reader with constant motivation for obtaining the “dream career.”

The Pep Talks Book Series can serve the newly looking or the long-term job seeker with methods that will assist with the career search and provide motivation for future endeavors

I know how hard the job market is, and I started this series to give you the “Pep Talk” that you need to keep your focus on your dreams and career goals!

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Pep Talks Vol 4: Answering Training Questions