Thankful Thursday

This Thankful Thursday, I want to celebrate my thankfulness for the completion of the “PepTalks” Series.  It was a long and hard journey, but with persistence and motivation goals are attainable.  I will be signing and speaking about the “Pep Talks” series at the next book signing on May 17th, at Barnes and Noble in Tampa, FL at Wiregrass The Shoppes.

The Pep Talks Book Series is an introduction to a new way of interviewing and obtaining a job in today’s competitive market. The Pep Talks Book Series is all about giving the reader an advantage over their competitors when working toward the goal of gaining more knowledge and understanding in this new job market. This new job market is all about unconventional ways of obtaining knowledge while gaining the desired employment.

The Pep Talks Book Series explains how the new Job market knowledge and understanding how to better improve the chances of being “individually recognized” as a professional are vital.  The Pep Talks Book Series assists with building job confidence and self-esteem along with providing detailed examples for the reader to use for interviews.  The Pep Talks Book Series are designed to assist the reader in planning, executing, and managing their own career and potential growth in their field of choice.

Each section has an interactive “fill in the blank” area for guiding the reader with critical thinking activity examples to assist with brainstorming, and “Confidence Boosters” provide the reader with constant motivation for obtaining their “dream career.”  The Pep Talks Book Series can serve the newly looking or the long-term job seeker with methods that will assist with the career search and provide motivation for future endeavors.

Excerpt from “Pep Talks” the series, for more information to to “Pep Talks” the Series

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