Two-Cent Tuesday

Each of us has the ability to visualize.  One can think of a rose, either to picture it or feel it, it is all about focus and staying focused on the object and start to see and smell it as if it were in front of your face.  This is the process one would use in order to become more aware of the energy in and around the current environment. You can learn to feel the emotional energy in a room of people using the same process, by picking out which person is emitting energy that is feeling anxiety, upset, or joy. You can learn to change the effect of that energy by closing your eyes, focusing with precision on the energy that is bothering you, and changing its impact with your mind. Just as you can close your eyes and visualize and smell a rose, so can you use the process of visualization to heal people and work on energy that you do not like, or would like to evolve in your being.

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