Earth Day: Plastic is Everything

Earth day has vastly changed over the years. When I was younger, Earth Day consisted of picking up garbage, recycling bottles or reusing items found around the house. On this day, it is time for a human awareness about what really needs to happen in order to save our earth. As humans, we must take responsibility for our actions. The human awareness of the harmful affects of using plastic has reached an all-time high. The chemically engineered product has interrupted the health of the earth. We use plastic for cups, bags, clothing, hair products, hair extensions, technology, cleaning products, bottles, eyewear, straws, windows, flooring, baby products, food products, lawn decorations, dental replacements, lip sticks, tires, cars, audio equipment, construction, paint, toys, guns, eye contacts and any other item that you can think of. Plastic is not biodegradable. In order to reuse plastic items, they must be recycled.  But, most plastic items are not considered recyclable.

The truth is, plastic exists forever.  Plastic pollutes our oceans and causes some types of cancers. We use and rely on plastic as a convenience factor without thinking about the negative consequences it has on the earth. Instead using a several plastic disposable cups for your morning coffee, bring a cup to your local coffee shop. Instead of using several plastic bags for groceries, bring reusable bags. Be mindful of purchasing clothes that are made of polyester and reuse plastic items around your home. Being mindful of the harmful affects of plastics is just one way we can improve the earth and become more aware of the affects. Remember, there are small things you can do to make a big impact on decreasing plastic consumption.


Reference information: Mother Earth Living

Monday Morning Mindset – Accepting Miracles

This week’s Monday Morning Mindset focuses on “Accepting Miracles.” We have heard the old saying “Miracles happen everyday.” This can be true for you if you so choose it to be. Where we fail in our understanding is what constitutes a “miracle.” A miracle for you may not mean the same as what it may mean for me. I choose to “see” and “experience” miracles everyday, for instances waking up. Waking up is a miracle; we slumber all through the night without any awareness of what it takes for the human body to function without our being awake. We tend to think of things being a miracle when we “can’t believe it.” Isn’t that just the opposite of what a miracle is supposed to be? We need to revaluate what we consider a miracle. Food for thought, actively think and look for miracles you can believe in – then be thankful for the experience.

Forgiveness Friday: The Forgiveness Formula

Today’s Forgiveness Friday focuses on “The Forgiveness Formula.” Forgiveness takes time and efforts. Once you realize that you will never be able to “press a button” and forgive and forget the easier the path toward forgiveness will be. It is important to realize that you are a part of a larger “Forgiveness Formula.” The book “The Forgiveness Formula” talks about the “pathology of forgiveness which you were born into.” Yes, you have our own ways of forgiving, but you also have family dynamics which have shaped how you forgive. How does your mother forgive? How does your father forgive? How do your siblings forgive? How does/did your grandmother or grandfather forgive? These are patterns have shaped your “Forgiveness Formula.” Take some time and write out the forgiveness patterns you have and those of your close family members. Then connect your forgiveness patterns to those that you have similar forgiveness patterns. Do you see a pattern? When I completed this exercise, I noticed huge similarities. The good news is you can change your “Forgiveness Formula” with time and efforts. Focus on who you want to be and the part forgiveness plays in your own life.

Barnes and Noble Book Reference: The Forgiveness Formula 

Monday Morning Mindset: Compassion for Others

This week’s Monday Morning Mindset focuses on “Compassion for Others.” Compassion starts with the ability to have self-compassion in any given situation or moment. Often, we equate compassion to the ability to relate to somebody else, compassion is also the ability to understand when another is disappointed with something or someone whether the action occurred purposeful or indirectly. It is common practice to want others to feel how we feel about a situation, but the related aspect of emotions has a tendency to misdirect our intentions to show compassion. With practicing of compassion, I’ve come to realize that it first starts with the ability to have compassion for self. Being that each situation will be different with different people, it’s important to understand that compassion is an active aspect of every relationship you have. It is important to remember that just because you may practice compassion towards another, does not necessarily mean that your compassion will be received equally. Instead of finding excuses for why something isn’t or is, find a relatable factor to show compassion within the situation and then except the fact that your compassion may or may not be by the other person(s). The real growth comes when you have the ability to exercise self- compassion and then transfer it over to compassion for others.

Thankful Thursday – New Beginnings

Today’s “Thankful Thursday” focuses on finding and being thankful for new beginnings. New beginnings are the birth of brand-new things that manifest in your life. With new beginnings comes the realization of understanding the efforts of hard work and self-motivation paying off. New beginnings are a time for celebration and reflection. With every new beginning something else must end. The optimistic mind focuses on new beginnings as a plateau for new adventures, new journeys and new relationships. Instead of focusing on the past, focus on new beginnings of your the future.

Monday Morning Mindset – Happy New Year

Happy New Year and now it is time to focus on your New Year’s Resolutions. There is only one problem – is your New Year Resolution realistic? Is it something that will better your life? Or only give you a quick fix? Will it sustain you? Or will you only be sustained by merely obtaining the goal itself? The key is to stay realistic. Do you want to loose weight? Instead of focusing on losing the weight, focus on eating better. Do you want better relationships? Focus on having a better relationship with yourself. Either way, a New Year brings new hope. Keep your hope, keep your focus and keep your motivation through out this New Year. Know and understand that there will be times when you won’t want to focus, that is when you need to focus on the feelings of achieving and believe that your goals are happening one day at a time – just as this new year happens.

Forgiveness Friday – Understanding Humility

This week focuses on understanding humility. Humility is something we normally don’t think of as an attribute. But, humility is something that we must all obtain in order to learn more about others and ourselves. A humble mine is able to learn and grow, it also ensures the ability to commit one self to further and deeper understandings for richer relationships. Humility is not a weakness; it is something that takes strength. We must try to consciously be aware of humility when having a conversation or interacting with others. When you’re humble you’re able to come up higher and gain a deeper understanding of self. A humble mine doesn’t always have to be right, or be the one to call out someone else’s flaws. Today forgive yourself or others for not practicing humility as much as they should. Take a moment to think of ways that you could practice more humility in your everyday life. This will help you be more aware of areas where growth and development are possible. Remember, humility gives way to a richer and deeper understanding of oneself and others.

Monday Morning Mindset – Keeping a Positive Attitude

This week focuses on keeping a positive attitude. Your attitude is the one thing that nobody or nothing can change without your permission. You have ultimate control over the attitude that you have within any given situation. If somebody cuts you off while driving, you have an opportunity to keep a positive attitude and ensure that you pay attention to the traffic ahead instead of getting road rage. Ultimately, there’s nothing you can do about anybody else’s attitude, but you do have control over your own attitude in relation to dealing with people, situations, and adverse events. It’s important to do a attitude check when you feel yourself getting angry or frustrated. Ask yourself “why am I frustrated” or “what is causing my negative attitude change.” Once you’re able to understand what you trigger points are, you’re able to figure out ways to stay positive with in those situations. It’s important to promote a “positive self-talk” attitude. Thinking of an accomplishment or a happy memory assist with improving your attitude almost immediately. Overall, it’s important to remember that you and you alone have the power to change your attitude for the better within any situation.

Monday Morning Mindset – Motivating Yourself

This week focuses on Motivating yourself. Motivation is more than getting a pep talk from friends or family members. Motivation truly comes when you decide to do something when you don’t have the feelings of wanting to do it. When you decide to do something, it takes motivation to keep doing it. It is important find ways of motivating yourself. Often we have a support system or family members encouraging us to do better and strive for more. There will be times where you will need to find the courage within yourself to “self-motivate.” Instead of depending on others to motivate you, make a list of motivational factors to remind you of your end goal and how close you are to achieving your goal.

Forgiveness Friday – True Self

This week focuses on the true self. Being true to your self requires many things. First, there must be an awareness of not being true to oneself. Second, there must be acceptance for past behaviors. Finally, there must be a plan for awareness. Being true to oneself means that you realize that you have the ability to be and do more in your life. Self-respect is an attribute for becoming more aware and the plan for receiving more awareness requires attention. You become more aware of your actions when you choice to not react to a situation from mere emotions. When you realize that feelings are fickle, you begin to go deeper and come up to your true self.

Thankful Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This week’s Thankful Thursday focuses on giving thanks. Today is a day of Thanksgiving and we all can find something to be thankful for. Being thankful is a state of mind and involves direct thought towards an awareness of thankfulness. Being thankful is something that we can do in our everyday lives in small or large ways in order to acknowledge the goodness in our lives. It’s important to have intended thought and understanding for how your thankfulness may grown. Many people are thankful to be alive and others are thankful that they survived a tragic event. In the Bible it discusses many ways to show and give thanks. In the Word, it says to give thanks in all circumstances for God is good all the time and all the time God is good. In Psalms 107:1 it says “oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love indoors forever.” In Ephesians 5:20 says “giving thanks always for everything to God the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” and in Colossians 3:15 – 17 it says and “let the peace of Christ rule your hearts, to which indeed you are called and one body and be thankful.” It has been entrenched in history and in our very being to give and show thanks at all times. Reflect on this Thanksgiving Day for what you are thankful for and how you can give thanks in your everyday life.

Less Doing & More Being

Today we reflect on the actions of misunderstandings and are in need of more healing and forgiveness. Misunderstandings are the direct result of a lack of ability to properly communicate the human need for connection. The human connection is more vital in our current times than ever before. Now, we need to express ourselves in a way that will affirm our future. Our youth need guidance and to be affirmed about their ability to be successful. There needs to be a conversation about equality, rights, and the comprehension of fairness. Now is a pivotal moment in history to outline a path engraved with wisdom and forgiveness. All of these attributes will provide structure for personal awareness and leadership. The key notion to take from the actions of the past is to realize that it is important to be more in the most volatile moments of our experiences. It is time to come up higher, be more, react less, and extend understanding for deeper connections to that, which is broken.

All the Best,


Monday Morning Mindset – Developing Structure for Goals

Jenice Armstead

This week focuses on developing structure. It is important to develop structure in our lives to become practical about the realizations of our dreams and goals. We all want to strive and grow in our relationships, business field and emotional health. It is important to take time out to critically think about what makes you happy in your life. Think about the joy of doing what you love to do in your life. We all have aspirations of “coming up higher” in our awareness for our own greatness. Make sure to make a daily, weekly or a monthly habit of practically attaining your dreams and goals. Listen to your inner voice and take note of your hunches and gut feelings. When you take time to think about attaining your goals in a practical and structured manner you were able to assist with defining your path for success.

Forgiveness Friday – Making Excuses

This week focuses on forgiveness for making excuses. Excuses are like opinions, everybody has one. The problem comes when we make excuses for things that we know we should be doing for ourselves in our lives. You may be making excuses for reasons for why you’re in debt instead of making a plan on how to get out of debt. You may be making excuses for why you can’t lose weight instead of focusing on eating healthy. You may be making excuses for why you haven’t received a promotion at work instead of improving your job skills by obtaining more education or on the job training. No matter your excuse the only way to find a solution for the problem is to forgive yourself for making excuses and come up with a plan on how to obtain your goals. Many times when we face something head on and stop making excuses for it we become an inspiration for others. Many people struggle with similar problems. Instead of focusing on making excuses, focus on how to overcome your excuses with solutions.

Monday Morning Mindset – Doing What You Need To Do

This week focuses on doing what you need to when you don’t feel like doing it. We all have responsibilities, which we have designated or allocated our time for. Whether it is to attend a business meeting, go to the gym, clean your house, help a friend or set-aside time for personal responsibilities. We all have times where we don’t feel like fulfilling our responsibilities. This is when you need to ensure you are aware of your thoughts behind your feelings of discarding responsibilities. It’s important to understand that your mind is not mutually exclusive from your feelings. Your mind has the tendency to create reasoning and doubt for why you may or may not want to fulfill responsibilities. When your mind says “I’m tired” or “I don’t want to do this,” your feelings align with those thoughts. The good news is you can do what you need to do, even if you don’t feel like doing it. When strongholds come against your mind, it is important to push forward in fulfilling your responsibilities. It’s important to understand that just because you don’t want to do something, does not relinquished from the responsibility of actually doing it.

Forgiveness Friday – Feeling Anger

This week focuses on forgiveness of feeling angry. Anger is something that we as humans all encounter at one time or another in our lives. The cliché phrase says, “anger is one letter away from danger.” We can we can control our anger if we begin to recognize the source of the anger. Anger arises as a direct result of not dealing with something head-on. Feeling angry is not the issue; rather the issue comes from acting on our anger. When you begin to feel feelings of anger, take a moment to think about why the feelings of anger have come into your mind. Take minute for going deeper to find the source. Take 60 seconds and ask yourself three questions. Why am I angry? Is this anger the result of an action from another? Have I had any participation and the results of their actions? Try to find the core of your angry feelings. You will begin to realize how to allow for those angry feelings to subside or calm down. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with feeling anger, the question is what you do as a result of your feelings of being angry.

Monday Morning Mindset

This week focuses on getting yourself off your mind. Too often we focus on our own problems. Things we have to do, obligations and priorities take over our lives. Being a responsible person doesn’t mean focusing solely on your own problems, there comes a time where you realize that the best thing you could do to help yourself is to help somebody else. Helping others provides a sense of connection. Often, when we focus on helping somebody else, our problem subsides or rectifies its own self. Instead of focusing on your own problems, help somebody else no matter how big or small. You’ll find that the problem that you’re focusing on will diminish or become insignificant. You may even find a solution to your problem when you put yourself aside and extend your hand to help somebody else.

Forgiveness Friday

This week focuses on forgiveness of “yourself for over complicating your life.” Way too many times we overcomplicate our life with expectations, obligations and insinuations. We overcomplicate our life by thinking that we are expected to be and do everything for everyone all the time. Within this mindset, obligations begin to bog us down and make us feel as though we have no choice in the situation. The truth of the matter is, when you start to insinuate requirements and bow down to obligations, unforgiveness starts to nest. This week, take some time to think about any expectations, obligations or insinuations being requested of you. Seek to find the root of these requests. Choose to forgive yourself for allowing expectations, obligations and insinuations to nest unforgiveness and your being.

Monday Morning Mindset – Creating Healthy Habits

This week focuses on creating healthy habits. Healthy habits supply us with the ability to stay focused and sustained self-ability, creativity, awareness and an understanding of self-consciousness. When you create healthy habits you allow yourself to decide to do something on purpose and walk with purpose. Purpose allows us to facilitate our own personal growth and development both professionally and with interpersonal relationships. Many times we focus on the habits that we consider bad habits. When you focus on creating, having and allowing yourself to develop healthy habits you focus on the positive abilities for your life, instead of the things that you still have to work on. It’s important to focus on past achievements in order for you to grow and develop a healthy dialogue for healthy habit achievements. A healthy habit can be learning how to talk positive to oneself, exercising for 15 minutes a day, or increasing nutritional balance. All of these examples of healthy habits allow for other parts of your life to grow and develop in a sustainable way. Instead of focusing on what you’ve done wrong or things you still have to do, start focusing on creating healthy habits within your life no matter how big or small.

Monday Morning Mindset

This week focuses on “getting back on track.” Many times we are often faced with challenges in our life that may cause us to get off track of accomplishing our life goals. Understanding that the false voice within you is contradictory to getting you back on track toward your life goals. This means having to re-establish your intentions of your life goals. It is healthy for us to accept past experiences as lessons learned, rather than failures. Using this intuitive thought allows you to get back on track quickly. Use your past experiences as immediate feedback for you to reflect upon what not to do in the future. Take some time and dig into the core reason you need want to re-establish your original goals. It’s important to realize that there is no such thing as failure if you look at the experience as life learned lessons pushing you toward a successful future.