The Government Shutdown is Finally Over

The government shutdown is finally over, for now. The Senate and the House of Representatives only delayed the debit instead of implementing a debit increase. This simple means that the United States still has to pay its bills. If the bills are not paid, there will be another government shutdown in December. Just in time for the holiday season. I’m sure Jesus never wanted to celebrate his birthday by putting millions of people in a state of anxiety, depression and upset. The fact of the matter is there are government legislation bills that must be implemented now in order to prevent another government shutdown happening.

Thinking about this gives people some real perspective on how to make small changes for the better in the financial stability of their own household. If we take this as a learning opportunity, then everyone must take a hard look at his or her financial backbone. How are you spending your money? Are you spending in more places where you should be instead saving it? Have you used your credit card like an imaginary money dispenser? Do you know what the APR is on each credit card(s)?

Here is your challenge: Take some time out and do a budget for yourself or for your family. Write down the monthly expenses and payments you make on your loan(s)/credit card(s). You will be surprised at what you don’t know about your finances. Be empowered, and learn from the federal government shutdown. You have the power to change your life for the better.

For more information on creating a budget go to: Creating a Budget



The Difference between an Administrative Furlough and a Shutdown Furlough

There are many misconceptions on what a furlough actually is and how a furlough works in reference to federal employees. There are two different types of possible furloughs. There are administrative furloughs and a government shutdown furlough. The long and short of the different is administrative furloughs are planned events and a government shutdown is an unplanned event.

Administrative furloughs can be by government agency that has scheduled reductions in force (RIFs) for budgeting reasons, not enough work for employees, a lawsuit or other foreseeable situation. It is up to the budgetary funding on which employees would remain receiving pay and those that would not. In most cases of administrative furloughs pay is reimbursable.

In the case of a federal government shutdown, government agencies, which have reserved funds for mandatory employees budgetary funds, would use this method in case of an unscheduled shutdown. This is technically namely called a “emergency” shutdown. “In a shutdown furlough, an affected agency would have to shut down any activities funded by annual appropriations that are not excepted by law.” In most cases, unless the federal agency has reserved funds for such an event, employees will be ordered to shutdown and not return to work until mandated to do so.

Either way, both furloughs have lasting effects on the Nations economy and the United States citizens as a whole. For more information on government furloughs go to


The Federal Government Shut Down: Why It’s Really Happening

The federal government has officially shut down. It has been 17 years since the last federal government shut down; many citizens are misguided and misinformed with bogus reasons for this federal government shut down. The Federal Budget Committee has come to a census for a 6-month plan for the American Debt, but it has been rejected. The budget is only half of the reason for this federal shutdown. In addition, Republicans want to suspend the Affordable Healthcare Act for 1 year. What many Americans need to understand is that the Affordable Healthcare Act has been implemented as of today, and it is here to stay. You can go to to enroll into a healthcare plan that fits your needs for your financial status. Here are some facts about the Affordable Healthcare Act:

  • The Affordable Healthcare Act is not a government ran program, you may choose your own plan and provider.
  • Healthcare is mandatory, but now it is affordable no matter your income status

The truth be told, the federal government shut down is a bulling tactic by the Republics that voted against fair negations of policy for the American people. Many federal and government workers will be furloughed with suspended or delayed pay. This is not the way to show how democracy works, it is the duty of those elected into office to keep their constituents in mind when creating, implementing or destroying a policy which will effect the entire Nation. The bare bones facts of the situation are that “Obama Care” is one of the best healthcare policies since the implementation of Social Security. Why wouldn’t you enroll in a more affordable healthcare program? Change has come, and it is time to embrace it – not to fight against it.


For more information about the Affordable Healthcare Act go to
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