The Government Shutdown is Finally Over

The government shutdown is finally over, for now. The Senate and the House of Representatives only delayed the debit instead of implementing a debit increase. This simple means that the United States still has to pay its bills. If the bills are not paid, there will be another government shutdown in December. Just in time for the holiday season. I’m sure Jesus never wanted to celebrate his birthday by putting millions of people in a state of anxiety, depression and upset. The fact of the matter is there are government legislation bills that must be implemented now in order to prevent another government shutdown happening.

Thinking about this gives people some real perspective on how to make small changes for the better in the financial stability of their own household. If we take this as a learning opportunity, then everyone must take a hard look at his or her financial backbone. How are you spending your money? Are you spending in more places where you should be instead saving it? Have you used your credit card like an imaginary money dispenser? Do you know what the APR is on each credit card(s)?

Here is your challenge: Take some time out and do a budget for yourself or for your family. Write down the monthly expenses and payments you make on your loan(s)/credit card(s). You will be surprised at what you don’t know about your finances. Be empowered, and learn from the federal government shutdown. You have the power to change your life for the better.

For more information on creating a budget go to: Creating a Budget



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