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Are you looking for more interview guidance that will actually work and get you that job? There are a few key items that must be taken into careful thought. It is important to realize that in today’s job market you must have some type of people skills. You must know how to have a conversation with just about anyone at just about any time. The truth of the matter is that today’s job market is full of unconventional opportunities. You must be ready for any type of interview, at all times. You have to be personable, approachable and presentable at all times.

When I say all times, I mean at ALL times. For example, while shopping for groceries in a super market you could be approached by a random person that strikes up small talk with you, and before you know it you find yourself in a “mini interview” situation. You could even have a small conversation with someone at a gas station. Gas station!? You ask? I say with great affirmation, YES! You could have a “mini interview” even at a gas station. Managers and recruiters are everywhere.

It is a good practice to keep business cards and resumes with you at all times. I have business cards for just about everything, including when I meet a new friend and want to exchange information with them. I have a business card for my academics, photography business and for my personal websites. You must always be ready for the unexpected interview or networking opportunity anywhere, with anyone and in any situation at all times. This is one of the reasons why I have created these easy to use and follow booklets.

With the Pep Talks Book Series, you can be ready at all times. With helpful inside, interview tips and advice, examples and interactive questions to help with the interview process toward getting the position that you have been dreaming of. You have just opened “unseen” doors for yourself, and your interviewing skill sets will improve with using the Pep Talks Book Series.

Book Excerpt: Pep Talks Business Series 

Pep Talks: Answering the Hard Questions

Pep Talks: Business Series

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