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For more information click link to Groupon: Jenice Armstead Groupon, Smarter Not Harder

Jenice Armstead

Jenice Armstead

Barnes and Noble 2014 Local Author Event

I would like to personally thank everyone who came to the Barnes and Noble Local Author Event, it was a smash hit and I had a chance to meet and greet with wonderful people.  I show cased the completion of my first business series “Pep Talks” all 5 vols.  Thank you so much for your love and support.

For more information to go Pep Talks

All the Best,

Jenice Armstead

Pep Talks the Series

Pep Talks the Series

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to “Lesbians Have to Eat, Too!”

It has been 3 years since I became a self-published author.  I started with a cookbook, thinking that it would be “easy” to do and get my foot in the door of several publishing agents.  Truth be told, writing any kind of book is hard work and time consuming.  My first book “Lesbians Have to Eat, Too!” as no exception.  I am happy to celebrate the 3rd successful year of self-publishing “Lesbians Have to Eat, Too!”  My personal message to you is, never give up on your dreams.  Press on, and press in – with diligence, dedication and determination you will succeed at your goal.

All the Best,


Excerpt from “Lesbians Have to Eat, Too!”

Eating right is only half of the equation for living a healthy life. The first part of living a healthy life style is belief that it is possible. Your thoughts are just as powerful as what you can see with your own eyes. Thoughts are ideas, ideas start with the thought of the possibilities of what can come to life. Studies have been conducted on thoughts and it has been affirmed that a thought has a frequency. If a thought has a frequency than it must become as the thinker believes. Meaning, everything you see once started as a thought.

There were thoughts on how the idea would come about and then it would be so. As so is true for living healthy and eating right. If you have thoughts of “how hard it is too loose weight and eat right” then that must be your reality. If you keep these types of thoughts in your mind, you will make eating right and living healthy hard – when it does not have to be.

In order to start this new journey of living healthy and happy your new thought could start with the statement “life is great, I am living healthy and happy right now, my body is working for me, and I am treating it right.” Your thoughts are so powerful that you can create anything – including a better life for yourself.

Along with thinking positive and eating right, it is important to also start a regular exercise plan that is perfect for you. A good exercise plan contains three important elements: 10-minute warm up, 20-minute aerobic plan and 5 – 10 minute stretch or cool down period. Every single recipe in this book is designed to help you start and maintain a healthy life style as you see fit right for your body. Eating is a celebration of nutrition to the body – your body is your temple. Keeping in mind, we all have urges to eat things we know we should not…or eat too much food at any time in our life. This does not make you a “bad” person. Always remember you can change your thoughts and though changing your thoughts your reality will change as well.

For purchasing information go to “Lesbians Have to Eat, Too!”

Lesbians Have to Eat, Too

Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

Port Call: Feb 7 – 8 2014 – Half Moon Cay

Our last and final port call was at Half Moon Cay.  Where is Half Moon Cay?  You ask … well, it is in the middle of beautiful no where!  I have never heard of Half Moon Cay before the cruise, and now I can’t wait to go back.  The island was so remote that all Olivia Traveling Ladies had to be boated to and from the ship.  Talk about paradise.  Half Moon Cay was saved for last for a reason.  The water was crystal clear, the sand was as smooth as silk and the air smelled of peaches and mangos on a hot summer day.  It was and absolute little slice of heaven with a helping of “I wish I could stay here forever!”  In fact, that is what the sign said as we walked up to the board walk.  Even though I am sure every Olivia Lady took a picture under that sign, we just had to get a photo as well.

As we walked up to the beach, I recall throwing my stuff down and making a b-line for the water, head first.  It was a bit chilly, but once I got use to it the water felt like “Life” all around me.  At one point a school of tropical fish swam right through my legs.  At first I figured it was seaweed, then when I looked to brush what I thought was seaweed off of my leg, I saw several eyes looking up at me.  It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen before.  The coral reef was vibrant and the ocean floor was smooth.  Olivia Travel provided a BBQ lunch for all of us to enjoy together on the boardwalk.  There, I saw several huge roosters with their babies.  I tried to get a picture, but they were too fast for me to keep up with. The next day, was the trip back home.  This cruise with all of the memories, photos and new friends made Olivia Travel delivered all that was promised our Honeymoon Cruise would be, and so much more.  Thank you Olivia Travel, we look forward to our next travels together.

For more information go to Olivia Travel



Half Moon CayHalf Moon Cay

Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

Port Call: Feb 6 2014 – at Sea

The on ship activities were just as much fun as the port calls. Olivia Travel makes sure that all of your needs are met. On our way to the next port call, the Equality Cruise ensured to stimulate our minds with enthusiastic discussion forums, educational documentaries and cultural events. While at sea, there was a screening of “Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement” which brought everyone to tears. It is a true story of love, laughter and inspiration. After the showing there was a question and answer forum from Edie Windsor herself. Talk about an inspirational person, Edie Windsor is a social justice pioneer and it was an honor to hear her story.

Later on that night, there was a comedy show with Gina Yashere. She was hilarious. Gina Yashere is from London via Nigeria, and funny as all get out. We had a chance to meet and chat with her for a few minutes. Her accent was beautiful, as she is inside and out. At sea promised to be a good time, and a good time it was. Even at sea, Olivia Travel makes sure that all of your needs are met.

For more information go to Olivia Travel

Gina Yashere, Comic (Middle)

Gina Yashere, Comic (Middle)

Jenice & DJ Rockaway

Jenice & DJ Rockaway

Ship Writings on the Wall

Ship Writings on the Wall

Ship Violinist

Ship Violinist

MS. Westerdam Cake

MS. Westerdam Cake

Olivia Travel Staff

Olivia Travel Staff

Olivia Travel Sign

Olivia Travel Sign

Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

Port Call: Feb 5 2014 – Virgin Islands

Today’s port call was for the Virgin Islands. This place was simply magical, the air, the food, and the people – everything was perfect. After porting, we found the cutest shop that had exquisite and duty-free clothing. After some light shopping, we ran into some our your “YouTube” Friends Christin and Ashley. These fabulous ladies are not only down right gorgeous, friendly and super sweet, but they also are business owners as well. This cruise was full of magnificent professional women. We all chatted for a bit and then went off to do some island exploring.

My wife and I caught a tourist trolley and went on an island adventure. The tour guide took us through the heartbeat of V.I. and showed us some of the history of the island. The views were stunning and mountainous. Once our tour was finished, we returned to the port dock. As we were walking up to the ship, my wife nudged me and asked me “Do you know who that is?” As I turned around I was shocked and honored to see Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer, first Lesbian officer and author of the book “Serving in Silence.” I just about passed out. We asked for a photo and then struck up a long conversation with us. We spoke about women rights in the military, the overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and other political items. What an incredible opportunity it was to meet and speak with her, one-on-one. I will never, ever forget that moment. The Virgin Islands proved to be one of the most “honorable” port calls of the cruise for us.

For more information go to Olivia Travel

Check out Christin and Ashley Luna Bella Make Up

Virgin Island Port Call

Virgin Island Port Call

Christin (left), Jenice  and Ashley (right) of Luna Bella Make Up

Christin (left), Jenice and Ashley (right) of Luna Bella Make Up

Historical Slave Building

Historical Slave Building


Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands





Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer, first Lesbian officer and author of the book "Serving in Silence.”  (Middle)

Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer, first Lesbian officer and author of the book “Serving in Silence.” (Middle)

Thankful Thursday

This Thankful Thursday, I want to celebrate my thankfulness for the completion of the “PepTalks” Series.  It was a long and hard journey, but with persistence and motivation goals are attainable.  I will be signing and speaking about the “Pep Talks” series at the next book signing on May 17th, at Barnes and Noble in Tampa, FL at Wiregrass The Shoppes.

The Pep Talks Book Series is an introduction to a new way of interviewing and obtaining a job in today’s competitive market. The Pep Talks Book Series is all about giving the reader an advantage over their competitors when working toward the goal of gaining more knowledge and understanding in this new job market. This new job market is all about unconventional ways of obtaining knowledge while gaining the desired employment.

The Pep Talks Book Series explains how the new Job market knowledge and understanding how to better improve the chances of being “individually recognized” as a professional are vital.  The Pep Talks Book Series assists with building job confidence and self-esteem along with providing detailed examples for the reader to use for interviews.  The Pep Talks Book Series are designed to assist the reader in planning, executing, and managing their own career and potential growth in their field of choice.

Each section has an interactive “fill in the blank” area for guiding the reader with critical thinking activity examples to assist with brainstorming, and “Confidence Boosters” provide the reader with constant motivation for obtaining their “dream career.”  The Pep Talks Book Series can serve the newly looking or the long-term job seeker with methods that will assist with the career search and provide motivation for future endeavors.

Excerpt from “Pep Talks” the series, for more information to to “Pep Talks” the Series

Paycheck to Paycheck Documentary, by Maria Shriver

On Sunday night, I watched the most gut retching show: “Paycheck to Paycheck” Town Hall Meeting on the OWN network. Many people in our economy are working from paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meat. They are a paycheck away from poverty, hoping not to get one flat tire, one missed car payment or one overdraft. Dollars away from losing everything they have worked so hard for. While watching, I realized that there is new face of poverty. Now, your next-door neighbor, the person that bags your groceries or the school bus driver could be considered “working poor.”

The United States use to have a strong “working class” and status classes were broken down into to Upper, Middle and Poor. Now, there are 5 additional classes to add to the economic status: Working Poor, Poor, Lower Middle, Middle, Upper Middle, Wealthy, Rich and Ultra Rich. There are ways to help one another get through tough times, start a dialogue with the people you see on a daily basis. If you see a need that you can fulfill, do so.

I am going to do my part, anyone that needs assistance with writing a resume or help with finding a job – please email me and I will work with you to help improve your job skills, no charge. You are welcome to email me at jenicearmstead@gmail or through my website. Do your part to help someone else that may be going through a harder time than yourself.

For more information on the “Paycheck to Paycheck” documentary go to: The Shriver Report


Excellent Turn Out for Saint Leo University Lakeland Center

The Lakeland Information Session was a huge success. I spoke about how Saint Leo University has allowed me to not only follow my dreams, but also make them a reality. Earning my degrees (Associates, Bachelors and MBA in HR) from Saint Leo University has provided many professional opportunities, which without a degree would not be possible. I spoke about how I was able to stay focused on the goal of earning my degree(s) and how I turned several “failures” into life learning lessons.

Saint Leo University not only teaches you the concepts for earning a degree, but core life values such as: community, respect, personal development, responsible stewardship and integrity. I ended on this note: “Turn your mess into your greatest message.”
Thank you to the Saint Leo University Lakeland Education Center for inviting me to speak as the Key Note Speaker for the Information Session Event, and for more information on earning your degree with Saint Leo University go to

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Prof. Armstead, Key Note Speaker

Saint Leo University Information Session: Lakeland Education Center

Location: Saint Leo University, Lakeland Education Center

Date:  Wednesday, March 26

Time:  6pm – 8pm

Do you want to learn more about Saint Leo University?  What degree programs they offer?  How you can start your academic career right?  Well, come to the Saint Leo University, Lakeland Education Center “Information Session” on Wednesday, March 26 from 6pm – 8pm.  I will be the Key Note Speaker on the importance of education in this job market and how goal setting has improved my professional value.  It will not only be informative, but you will have a chance to meet some of the faculty and speak with us one-on-one.  Jot down your questions and have them ready to ask.

Alena White, the Center Director and Jimmy Surin, Assistant Director will both be in attendance to answer your questions about Saint Leo University.  See you there, next Wednesday.

For more information: Lakeland Education Center, Saint Leo University  

 All the Best,

Prof. Jenice Armstead

Saint Leo University

Knowing Your Professional Value

Do you know that you have professional value? Do you want to know how to increase your professional value?  I will be speaking on the importance of professional value.  Many times we don’t have the time to evaluate our professional value and are entangled with “getting the job” and not understanding our own professional value.  During this speaking event, I will be discussing how professional value is important to all aspects of you life and how you can grow your professional value.  Along with steps toward developing your professional value and handouts for getting started toward achieving your professional goals.  10 available seats, for more information email:

Veteran’s Preference: Applying for Government Jobs

Veteran Preference 5 Point Preference (TP)

There are many factors to “earning” veteran’s preference when applying for a federal or government job.

The Office of Personnel has created a “Veteran’s Guide” to help those agencies ensure they are giving veteran’s the right preferences, this guide is the all tell all on seeing if a veteran has status or not.  Yes, you read that right, just because you are a veteran doesn’t mean that you automatically are able to apply for government jobs.  In order to apply you have to be a veteran and stipulations apply.

First thing is first, you must be a veteran or have some other kind of veteran status.  This is just one of many criteria one must meet to become eligible for veterans status.  To receive preference, a veteran must have been discharged or released from active duty in the Armed Forces under honorable conditions (i.e., with an honorable or general discharge).  This is crucial because, if you have a dishonorable discharge you are disqualified from veteran status.

Note:  Military retirees at the rank of major, lieutenant commander, or higher are not eligible for preference in appointment unless they are disabled veterans upon being discharged or separated from the military.

The key is know what type of Veteran’s preference you have, the following explains what Veteran’s preference actually is:

5-Point Preference (TP)

 Five points are added to the passing examination score or rating of a veteran who served:

During a war; or

During the period April 28, 1952 through July 1, 1955; or

For more than 180 consecutive days, other than for training, any part of which occurred after January 31, 1955, and before October 15, 1976; or

During the Gulf War from August 2, 1990, through January 2, 1992; or

For more than 180 consecutive days, other than for training, any part of which occurred during the period beginning September 11, 2001, and ending on the date prescribed by Presidential proclamation or by law as the last day of Operation Iraqi Freedom; or

In a campaign or expedition for which a campaign medal has been authorized. Any Armed Forces Expeditionary medal or campaign badge, including El Salvador, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Southwest Asia, Somalia, and Haiti, qualifies for preference.

A campaign medal holder or Gulf War veteran who originally enlisted after September 7, 1980, (or began active duty on or after October 14, 1982, and has not previously completed 24 months of continuous active duty) must have served continuously for 24 months or the full period called or ordered to active duty. The 24-month service requirement does not apply to 10-point preference eligibles separated for disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty, or to veterans separated for hardship or other reasons under 10 U.S.C. 1171 or 1173.

When veterans with 5 point (TP) status apply for federal positions, 5 points are automatically added to their application scores.  Yes, federal applications receive scores.  When you complete a federal application you receive a score from 1 – 100 percent, applicant scores are tallied up once the announcement has closed.  If your application did not receive a “high enough” score you should be contacted by the human resources of the position for which you applied.  If you have any additional questions about your application, contact the human resources office of the agency for which you applied.


Veterans Job Information:

Veteran’s Guide:

Veteran’s Appointment Authorities:

Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

PORT CALL: Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos

Day 3

We finally made it to our first port, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos on day 3 of our Olivia Travel cruise.  Talk about a phenomenal place, the water was indigo blue, the people were friendly and the weather was perfect.  We arrived at 8am and stayed in port until 3:30pm.  My wife and I started off with some excellent breakfast from the Lido Deck.  The food ranged from light breakfast items like fruit, muffins and yogurt parfaits to flap jacks and crispy bacon.  We went back to our cabin to grab our passports and beachwear.  Getting off the ship was a little confusing, but we had some awesome ladies from the Olivia staff to assist us.

After enjoying the beach and some light shopping, we went back to the ship and decided to grab a bit to eat.  We went to try a different grill when I ran into C.C. Carter.  C.C. Carter is a renowned poet who’s words embrace the spirit of women empowerment.  She grabbed me and said  “I need you to be one of my powerful curvy girls.”  I had no idea what she was talking about, but I agreed.  Who says no to C. C. Carter?  What C.C. wants she gets!  Before I knew it I found myself in the middle of a full figured women empowerment movement.  C.C. Carter preformed, while she preformed she wanted her “full figured” women to support her by strutting our stuff on a walk way by the stage she was on.  Talk about a once in a lifetime event.  In all this port call was fantastic.

This day was especially wonderful because the theme of this cruise was “Equality and Leadership” and in light of the theme there was a celebration with the guest of honor Edie Windsor.  Also, a massive Commitment Ceremony was held board the ship at 5pm.  Then later that night the internationally known Indigo Girls preformed at 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

Olivia Staff Feedback:  The staff was great with assisting us all get on and off the ship in an fast and orderly fashion.  The port call could have been a few hours longer, but other than that – great job with this port call.

For more information go to Olivia Travel

Olivia Cruise: At Sea: Feb 2 2014 – Feedback and Review

Olivia Cruise:  Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

The excitement and fun continued through the night and on until day 2 of our equality and leadership cruise.  The theme for day 2 was: Show Your Roots.  We all wore shirts or outfits that displayed where we were from.  I wore a “California” shirt and my wife wore a “Louisville University” shirt.  The theme was an “opportunity to represent your hometown, to get to know other Olivia ladies in your community.”  This themed day allowed for many interesting conversations to be had.  The highlights of the day included:

Activism in Action:  The Importance of Creating Your own Future Through Political Participation.  This was an extraordinary summit that allowed for an open dialogue with a panel of “heavy hitters” such as Representative Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, the Democratic National Committee Chair; Aditi Hardikar, Director of the LGBT Leadership Council at the Democratic National Committee; and Claire Lucas, Senior Advisor for Public-Private Partnerships, USAID.  The discussion was enlightening and invigorating.

The entertainment of the evening was the hilarious Vicki Shaw.  Vicki Shaw is not only super funny, but also super down to earth.  I had the opportunity to meet her while in the elevator going to dinner that night.  Then while at dinner, we sat right next to Meredith Baxter, the mom from Family Ties and her wife.  Both of these beautiful women of the LGBT community graced me with a photo, can you say amazing!.  The music group, Antigone Rising preformed in the on ship’s night club, Crow’s Nest.  Antigone Rising was outstanding and amazing to listen to.  There were events for “solos” and a “Sisters at Sea” mixer.  Not to mention, all of the other hour-by-hour events.  There was always something to do, people to meet and excellent food to eat.


Olivia Travel is all about exclusivity, which being said you are paying for customized entertainment, a charted ship or entire resort full of women and the ability to “Feel Free.”  But, there are some items that you may want to bring with you.  During our travels with Olivia, we knew that we would want to bring many items that we normally used on a daily basis.  Olivia Travel provides a list of other items you may want to bring with you and I highly recommend you bring the following items with you:  Air Born (Supplement Drink) packages, anti-bacterial gel, cold medicine, headache Meds, a case of water or water filter bottles, Lysol wipes/spray and/or allergy medication.

The Olivia Staff Feedback: The staff was great and informative.  Many times if I “Looked” lost they would help or assist my wife and I with finding and figuring out where things were or where we were going.  We met many of the staff members and ALL of the staff were beautiful and sweeties to my wife and I.  Love the “Artist” staff and had a blast when staff members invited me to “dance” in the front of the stage before many shows.  One staff member, a beautiful black woman with short hair put my wife and I in FRONT row seats for one of the shows.

For more information go to Olivia Travel


Jenice Armstead with Vicki Shaw, Comic

Jenice Armstead with Vicki Shaw, Comic

Meredith Baxter

Jenice Armstead with Meredith Baxter, Actress

Welcome Aboard: Feb 1 2014 – Review and Feedback

Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

The fun started on Feb 1, 2014 with welcome remarks and conversation aboard the Ms. Westerndam, Holland America Line. The cruise left out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Being excited and overwhelmed at the same time, my wife and got to the port early to ensure we had enough time to get our luggage checked in and on the ship. The check-in line was a similar experience to boarding a plane. You have your security check and carry-on luggage inspected. Once past the security point, we were greeted by an Olivia Travel staff member who knew right away we were “First Timers.” She was “bright eyed and bushy tailed” and gave us the best and biggest smile. “You get a Olivia bracelet and you get a bracelet” the Olivia staff greeter said as she placed a bright pink bracelet on my wife and I. She informed us that it was a visual aid for others to help us around during our cruise. We finally made it to the counter and had our photos taken and information verified. You need a credit card for a hold and use on your room key. (SIDE NOTE: Your room key is used as a credit card, be sure to not use a debit.) We were now all checked in and it was off to the ship.

When we “checked aboard” there were women everywhere! It was like we stepped into a Lesbian Vortex! They were smiling, we were smiling and everyone seemed to be instantly changed. We went to the elevator and met another couple that were from our same city and chatted for a bit. Once we got to our room, we check it out and the there was a knock on the door a few minutes later. It was our “Care Giver” Tobi. He informed us that he would be taking care of us for duration of the cruise. If we needed blankets, fresh fruit, information, what ever we needed he was there to make sure we had it for the entire cruise. He informed us of our “mail box” which had some mail in it. Each day, a daily itinerary of the day events would be provided as well as different pieces of lesbian information and magazines.

The Feb 1, itinerary outlined “Today’s Highlights” which included:

Welcome Aboard Party with Vicki Shaw (Comic)
Sail Away Party with DJ Rockaway
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Maya Angelou with (two different show times)

There was also a list of the music, events, lounges and dining options on the ship. The list of all of the dining options included 5 different restaurants and an hour-by-hour outline of other events happening all though the day and night.

Once unpacked, there was another knock at the door and Tobi had a “Happy Honeymoon” cake surprise for us.  You can have surprises pre-arranged to be delivered to your room.  We changed into some more “vacationie” clothes and decided to explore the ship and lounges. We found a piano bar that was simply beautiful. There was a Baby Grand piano and as soon as we sat down we began to chat with other couples and people. After having a few glasses of wine, we decided to do some more exploring and found the shore excursion-booking desk. The staff was helpful and informative.
Later on that night we joined the “Sail Away Party” with the beautiful DJ Rockaway and had a blast. The ship started to sail away and our vacation was finally underway. The first day was a great experience and a smooth transition into the start of our 8-day honeymoon vacation.

Feedback: Olivia Travel has a functional process for new travelers and give many payment options for those that want to plan a Olivia trip. Make sure to ask the staff if there are any specials or discounts on staterooms.

For more information go to Olivia Travel

Jenice Armstead

Dee and Jaye Honeymoon

Olivia Cruise: Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise

Olivia Travel is one of the most exquisite cruises you may ever go on, if you are an open and proud lesbian that is. For those of you that have never heard of Olivia Travel, this is where lesbians go to vacation for all exclusive reasons. Olivia is where lesbians can just be a lesbians with no strings attached (No punt intended). The Olivia Travel charters a ship or entire resort to cater to ALL lesbian women. When I realized this my head nearly popped right off of my shoulders!

My wife and I recently got married and wanted to do something really special to celebrate our new life together. We had been putting off an Olivia Travel cruise for sometime, and wanted to make sure that we were able to enjoy ourselves entirely, financially speaking. When some of our lesbian friends heard we were going on an Olivia Travel cruise we got some “hairy eyeballs” and the “Look of disgust.” To be frank, Olivia Travel Cruises and Resorts are not cheap. In fact, they are double if not triple the cost of your average cruise. But, that is just the point. Olivia Travel is NOT your average cruise you would normally book. There is good reason for the extensive cost.

With an Olivia Travel cruise or resort you are quite literally paying for exclusivity and the able to “Feel Free” as the Olivia Travel phrase states on all of their “first time” travelers pink bracelets. The entertainment is lesbian derived and all port calls are gay-friendly. No need to “fake the funk” with this crowd. Just to be clear, I do NOT work for Olivia Travel nor any affiliated companies. These are merely my opinions from my experiences of my Olivia Travel Cruise. That being said, I figured why not write a short blog about my experiences. Then I thought, one blog wouldn’t be enough. To really get the full effect of the experiences I would have to blog about each and everyday of the cruise.

So, on behalf of all of the women that have never experienced an Olivia Travel trip, I will do a “Day by Day” feedback and review of my experiences on the last Olivia Travel cruise: Feb 1 – 8, Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise. I hope you enjoy my feedback and reviews. Stay tuned for Day 1: Feb 1 Feedback and Review.

For more information go to: Olivia Cruises and Resorts 

All the Best,
Jenice Armstead

Olivia Travel

Olivia Travel


Two-Cent Tuesday

Two-Cent Tuesday

June 26, 2013, was a historical day in our great Nation. The Supreme Court ruled that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. Marriage is being re-defined as simply “Loving Relationships.” On Nov 14, 2013 in a private ceremony I wedded my beloved “Husbian.” We have been together for 11 years and in the span of those 11 years anything could have happened. In the 11 years my “Better Half” and I have been together we have been through many trials. Our military careers were threaten, my “Better Half” had 3 major surgeries which disabled her from walking for up to 3 – 6 months each surgery, we were not covered by any spousal benefits, no income tax acknowledgements and a series of other personal dilemmas came against us. But, you know what “they” say? Love will always prevail!

Many of those whom are legally married are protected and afforded rights and liberties; we still have along way to go for marriage to be legal for everyone in all states and countries. The world has a lot to change, including worrying about who I love and who loves me unconditionally. Rights and liberties are for all, not only for those who feel they deserve them – but each and every one of us. Until this is fully understood, how love is defined love will continue to be divided.

Office of Personnel Management Same Sex Marriage Benefits

All the Best,
Jenice Armstead-McGinnis



Press Release: Pep Talks Vol 4: Answering Training Questions

I am so exited to announce my latest book: PEP TALKS Vol 4 – Answering Training Questions! The “Pep Talks” Book Series, are a compilation of advice, insight, examples, sample interview questions and professional advice.

The Pep Talks Book Series clarifies difficult interview questions as the reader focuses on their goals.  The Pep Talks Book Series gets the reader moving in the right direction, and saves the reader time and effort, along with helping the reader narrow down what areas are in need of professional enhancement.  The Pep Talks Book Series addresses all types of difficult interview questions that may be asked of the reader during an interview or during a conversation being had by an interviewee.

It is important for the reader to understand that an interview can seemly happen at any given time or place, so it is good practice to have some “pre-set” answers to some of these questions to provide a more fluid professional appearance.  Nervousness often happens during interviews or with conversations with people whom are unfamiliar.

The Pep Talks Book Series are designed to assist the reader in planning, executing, and managing career goals and potential growth in the field of choice.  Each section has interactive “fill in the blank” area for guiding the reader with critical thinking examples to assist with brainstorming and “Confidence Boosting Affirmations” providing the reader with constant motivation for obtaining the “dream career.”

The Pep Talks Book Series can serve the newly looking or the long-term job seeker with methods that will assist with the career search and provide motivation for future endeavors

I know how hard the job market is, and I started this series to give you the “Pep Talk” that you need to keep your focus on your dreams and career goals!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE and SUPPORT! For more information about the Pep Talks book series go to

Pep Talks Vol 4: Answering Training Questions



The Federal Government Shut Down: Why It’s Really Happening

The federal government has officially shut down. It has been 17 years since the last federal government shut down; many citizens are misguided and misinformed with bogus reasons for this federal government shut down. The Federal Budget Committee has come to a census for a 6-month plan for the American Debt, but it has been rejected. The budget is only half of the reason for this federal shutdown. In addition, Republicans want to suspend the Affordable Healthcare Act for 1 year. What many Americans need to understand is that the Affordable Healthcare Act has been implemented as of today, and it is here to stay. You can go to to enroll into a healthcare plan that fits your needs for your financial status. Here are some facts about the Affordable Healthcare Act:

  • The Affordable Healthcare Act is not a government ran program, you may choose your own plan and provider.
  • Healthcare is mandatory, but now it is affordable no matter your income status

The truth be told, the federal government shut down is a bulling tactic by the Republics that voted against fair negations of policy for the American people. Many federal and government workers will be furloughed with suspended or delayed pay. This is not the way to show how democracy works, it is the duty of those elected into office to keep their constituents in mind when creating, implementing or destroying a policy which will effect the entire Nation. The bare bones facts of the situation are that “Obama Care” is one of the best healthcare policies since the implementation of Social Security. Why wouldn’t you enroll in a more affordable healthcare program? Change has come, and it is time to embrace it – not to fight against it.


For more information about the Affordable Healthcare Act go to
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